Q: What are your preferred web platforms or CMS systems?

We have the capabilities to work with a wide range of CMS and E-Commerce systems. We believe in finding smart solutions that fit your business requirements, rather than trying to fit you into what we happen to know best or get the biggest commissions from, like some agencies. That said, there are a few common platforms that often are the best fit, and worth evaluating first.

Our most common platform for a marketing website is a custom WordPress site. WordPress is a robust open-source CMS that allows for non-technical users to easily manage areas of their website.

Utilizing the features within WordPress, we create a custom theme that reflects your business’s brand and visual needs, UX patterns that work well for B2B industrial companies, and build a customized backend to fit the specific marketing requirements of your business. We have a stable of well-vetted and well-maintained plugins that we utilize judiciously, avoiding the performance hit that can result in plugin-heavy websites. Every WordPress website we build is customized to the client’s needs and goals, rather than trying to retrofit an existing off-the-shelf theme or plugin into your needs.

For an E-Commerce website, we recommend looking at whether your business requirements will fit well with a Shopify or BigCommerce system, or the addition of WooCommerce to a WordPress-powered website.

For dealer portals, custom APIs, and advanced functionality needs, sometimes a custom PHP solution is the best fit. Our team has the knowledge and experience to evaluate advanced requirements and go over the pros and cons of alternative solutions, ultimately aiming for the best overall solution for your current needs and future projected needs, budget, and timeline.

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