Top 7 B2B Web Design Trends in 2023

Written by Hannah Ellingson
Top 7 B2B Web Design Trends in 2022

B2B marketers have been cautiously navigating the uncertain business climate left by the pandemic.

We’ve seen a dramatic shift in online platforms and digital marketing as people are working from home and living online more than ever. Extreme pressure to provide a positive website experience for customers is the new normal in 2023.

Especially when you’re selling custom products & services, visitors to your website will perceive the quality of their experience to be equal to the quality they can expect from your offerings. Staying current with the latest trends and techniques in web design will set the tone for your company to come across as a leader in your industry. These are the seven trends we’re seeing:

1. High-Quality Photos

This definitely isn’t a new trend or style for 2023, but as we’re seeing advances in screen resolution, faster connectivity and simplified design, users are craving better imagery. And not just beautiful images, but images that are unique to your product or service. It’s critically important that any photos are an accurate portrayal of your offerings and the experience of working with your team. People often know when they’re looking at stock photography, and it can lower their level of trust or leave gaps in their understanding, so investing in unique, high-quality images will make a huge impact. When custom photography isn’t practical, very carefully selected stock photos can fill the gap.

For example, Guardian Alarm is launching its new site in 2023, and new photography was at the forefront of the design process. We utilized a strategic combination of product and lifestyle photography, a mix of custom original photography and purchased stock images, to showcase their services.

Fastest full page top 7 web design trends in 2022

2. Animation

One of the many benefits of faster-loading websites is the ability to use animation. While the majority of elements should remain static, creating visual interest or emphasizing key information with subtle movement is a design trend we anticipate to continue through 2023. When used sparingly and intentionally, this can add a fun, engaging touch to a website.

For example, Path Robotics, a supplier of robotic welding solutions, has a complex software program that is better explained using infographics with motion. In the design and development process, we strategically planned for the images to only move subtly, when hovered on, to keep the motion from overwhelming the user.

top 7 b2b web design trends in 2022 Animation Example

3. Minimalism

We’ve seen websites moving toward simplicity for the past few years. Especially in the B2B & industrial space, designers are focused on moving the user through a website with clear emphasis on key information. We’ll see lots of white space, fewer distractions, large text and fewer—but more intentional—calls to action.

top 7 b2b web design trends in 2022 Minimalism Example

4. Content-Oriented Design

As WordPress and other web development software evolves toward editor-friendly and easy-to-update interfaces, we’re seeing more of an emphasis on layout and content design. Not so long ago, templates and “walls of text” dominated the web field, but now each page can be tailored and re-organized to cater to the specifics of the content.

top 7 b2b web design trends in 2022 Content Oriented Design

5. “Scrollytelling”

Scrolling through a long web page can be something of a love-hate experience. Among web designers, the general consensus has been that overly long web pages are negative, but in 2023 we anticipate scrolling to be one of the biggest trends. Among users, scrolling has become second nature, so it’s not really seen as a chore. With more vertical space, designers are able to take dense and complicated information and transform it into an interactive experience that provides a narrative to users. This is especially seen on homepages that start with an overview at the top of the page, which typically consists of a strong positioning statement, overview of products/services, and problem/solution language, while providing deeper and more detailed information as you scroll down the page. The ability to add more visual content, infographics and imagery within this experience creates more effective website communication than words alone.

top 7 b2b web design trends in 2022 Scrollytelling Example

6. Sticky Menus

The trend of longer, scrolling website pages calls for the standard use of sticky menus. A fixed navigation bar, aka “sticky menu,” makes sure visitors don’t get lost. When the main menu is always available at the top of the screen, the user is free to scroll down a very lengthy page while maintaining constant access to other pages, without having to scroll back up to the top or down to the bottom.

top 7 b2b web design trends in 2022 Sticky Menus Example

7. Big, Bold Type

In our fast-paced, digital world we have less and less time to convert. With users spending less time on websites, designers are adapting to include large headlines and shorter messaging to capture attention. This is generally accompanied by additional content, in smaller type, to further explain concepts or increase SEO value, but we anticipate this bold, “less-is-more” approach to copywriting to continue through 2023.

top 7 b2b web design trends in 2022 Big Bold Type Example

Website design trends will continue to evolve as technology and tastes change. In B2B marketing, you might not jump on every trend, but you’ll want to keep your website looking current and relevant, to help your business connect and convert.

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