The Case for Bundled Professional Website Hosting + Maintenance

Written by Kathy Kassera Mrozek

Many clients think web hosting is the same as web maintenance. In reality, they are two very different, equally important things. Think of web hosting as your physical house. It’s where you live and keep all your vital stuff (for a website, that’s files, images, and the code that makes it work).

Now think of maintenance as the doors, locks, and the security system that protects your house. Because open source software is constantly evolving, proactive ongoing maintenance is needed to ensure that the security system stays just as effective as the day it was installed.

What would be the cost of your website going down even for a short time? Or if it were to be found to be distributing malicious code to your prospective customers? Do you like the peace of mind knowing your “house” and everything inside it is safe and secure? If so, you should probably have a maintenance package.

Our experience has shown us that we can best serve our clients by bundling hosting and maintenance together. In each of our professional hosting + maintenance packages, we proactively manage your site, with testing and deployment of WordPress core and plug-ins on an ongoing basis. Automated daily backups assure a quick restoration should it be needed. With automatic deployment of WordPress core security patches and 24 x 7 monitoring for suspicious file activity, you can rest assured you are safe and protected.

But would my website ever be a target?

You might think hackers don’t care about you and your business. But anyone can be hacked, and rarely are people seeking you out specifically—they’re running automated scanning tools that look for any website that hasn’t been maintained and is easy to get into. According to Forbes and Sophos Labs, 30,000 sites a day are found to be unwittingly distributing malicious code for the cyber criminals, and those can include everything from personal blogs, to small business websites, to large news sites. Let’s look at some numbers.

  • 50-60% is WordPress’ share of the global CMS market – making it the most popular CMS of them all.
  • New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, Williams, USA Today, CNN,,,National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC all use WordPress.
  • Only 22% of WordPress sites are running on the latest version of WordPress.
  • Major versions of WordPress get released every 152 days on the average.

How do you help prevent hacking?

As the saying goes, the best offense is a good defense. With our professional hosting + maintenance packages, we proactively manage your site. You will get automated daily back-ups. You will get proactive, ongoing testing and deployment of WP core and plug-ins. We will keep your site up-to-date with the latest security measures, so you can rest assured you are safe and protected.

Security guaranteed.

We include a no-hack guarantee for all WordPress sites on a hosting + maintenance package on our WP Engine server. In the highly unlikely event your site gets hacked, we will fix your site at no cost to you.

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