User Experience (UX) Design

Your website is often the first way that your clients and prospects learn about your brand, so it has to quickly orient visitors to what you offer, capture their interest, gain their trust, and guide them to the content they seek — ultimately driving engagement and conversions.

Long before products make it to the production line, they existed as a CAD file. Think of your site architecture as your website’s CAD file equivalent. Our strategists spend time creating optimized layouts — expressed as wireframes — for you to review and share with team members. Sometimes, it takes a few iterations with collaborative feedback to perfect your unique pages.

Through extensive usability studies and professional experience, our UX strategists understand how technical audiences, such as engineers, scientists or surgeons, interact with websites. We look closely at user flows and information finding patterns to optimize how visitors locate information and perform tasks on your website. These insights and findings influence the site’s final design and functionality.

In addition to creating websites that attract and captivate your audience, we build them so anyone can maintain the content. Our focus on your site’s administrator role ensures you won’t get frustrated when content updates are made.

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Site Architecture, User Experience and Visual Design Examples