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A full website redesign feels overwhelming once you start to think about what’s required for a successful outcome. You can face buy-in resistance from internal leadership, budgetary holdups, and the chance of looking bad in front of your boss or internal stakeholders. While it’s most common to engage an agency for a full website redesign from start to finish, for some circumstances it makes sense to start with a smaller introductory scope.

What is a Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start?

We developed the Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start in response to feedback from companies who want to undergo a full website redesign but can’t start for any number of reasons, including:

  • A website redesign is on your wishlist, not your to-do list.
  • Internal leadership hasn’t yet bought-in to the value of doing a full website redesign
  • You’re having difficulty determining a budget for a full website redesign.
  • This is your (marketing team’s) first time designing/redesigning a website and you’re not sure where to start.
  • A big project feels like a big risk to your reputation with your boss or your team if it falls flat.
  • You’ve been burnt by a website redesign partner in the past and prefer a smaller initial commitment, almost a dating period, before committing to a full redesign project.

Our Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start helps your team overcome any combination of these hurdles so you can start your website redesign project without the risk of going “all in.”

How it works

Rather than committing up-front to the full project start to finish, the Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start takes you through the first 20% of the overall redesign and includes these three key milestones:

Kickoff Meeting

To determine where you’re at and what needs to be done.

Strategy Brief

A clear and concise document outlining the redesign plan.

Site Architecture

Also called a site-map, defines page organization and website navigation.


A blueprint of the user experience for key pages.

How much it costs

The total cost of the Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start varies, but is typically equivalent to 20% of your estimated full website redesign. The price of a full redesign is based on the number of pages, page types, features and functionality expected.

For example, if a full website redesign project is expected to cost $37,500, the Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start will cost $7,500.

Why a Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start?

  • Make significant progress towards your end goal without overly committing your team’s resources or taking on too much.
  • Get leadership to see the value by laying a solid foundation so they can see the future outcome with clarity and feel confident committing to a full redesign.
  • It’s easier to approve a smaller level of engagement within a marketing budget vs waiting for the formal budgeting process typically required for a larger capital expenditure.
  • Give your team an intro to the overall redesign process and get maximum clarity on what will be expected of them during a full website redesign.
  • Learn new ways to communicate internally to leadership stakeholders and increase your confidence in moving forward with a full website redesign.
  • Minimize your risks in testing out a new relationship with a strategic design partner before going “all in” on a complete website redesign.

Windmill Strategy: a Web Design & B2B Marketing Company For Technical Industries

Windmill Strategy is a web design company & marketing firm helping B2B, technical, industrial, life science and manufacturing companies achieve increased visibility & engagement, stronger branding, higher quality leads, and greater marketing ROI to accelerate growth. Our website design and B2B digital marketing approach goes beyond “more traffic,” seeking out better traffic, by gaining the attention of the specific niche groups of buyers and influencers that represent your best customers. We help our clients navigate multiple audiences and decision makers, while conveying complex products and services. Working collaboratively with your in-house marketing and sales team, we drive leads and sales that result to overall business growth.

The Windmill Strategy team exemplified true professionalism at all stages throughout this redesign and rebranding process. They truly understood what we were trying to accomplish and executed well. I believe a lot of the success came about by the time they took early in the process to understand not only our industry, but our customers as well.
Dave WiegandDirector of Sales and Marketing, ETI

Ready to get your website redesign off the ground without the roadblocks that come with committing to a full redesign?

The Website Redesign Strategy Quick Start gives you the strategy and critical thinking components you need to push a full redesign forward. You also get strategic guidance toward immediate improvements you can make towards your current website if you aren’t able to start the full website redesign right away.

You’ll have the groundwork laid out to get your overdue website redesign off the wishlist and onto the to-do list, and everything you need to make a compelling case to hesitant stakeholders.

If you’re ready to start a conversation about what starting a website redesign looks like, schedule a complimentary call and get started today.

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