How To Promote Your Newly Redesigned B2B Website

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How To Promote Your Newly Redesigned B2B Website

You have invested a lot of time, money and resources to redesign your B2B website with a team of strategists, designers and developers. After months of work, you’re eager to reveal it to the world. And now, you’re wondering what you should be doing to promote the launch of your exciting new website.

Keep in mind that the people who will be most interested in your new website are the same people who visited the old website. They are already familiar with your brand, and they will notice what has changed and been improved. That being said, you’ll want to bring new visitors to the website as well. In this article, we’ll discuss how to promote your new B2B website.

Send out an email blast announcing the new website

You can approach this in a couple of different ways. One option is a generic email blast calling out 3-6 key improvements or features that would benefit anyone visiting the website. You can include images, video and links to specific pages. Everyone in your email lists would get the same email. You will want to call out features that are beneficial to your website visitors and customers, not just those that benefit your company internally.

Another option is to create more personalized emails. If you have email lists based on markets, products or roles, you can call out specific features on the website that benefit those specific groups. Example: If you have a client list of engineers, you could highlight your new resource library of technical data sheets and how users will be able to access them more easily.

You will want to send the emails to both current and past customers. This could spark new interest from past customers, as well as fortifying brand awareness among current customers.

Post to your social media accounts

You can create a featured social image of the website with attention-grabbing text and post it to your company’s social channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This post could link to a specific landing page or to the new homepage. Different posts can have different messages. For example, you could call out new features on the website in one post, while another gives kudos to the employees that worked on it and tags those employees, to encourage greater engagement (and visibility).

Ask employees to like and share social posts to help boost them and get greater visibility.

An example of social post language:

Blast Off!!!

Company 123 is happy to announce the launch of our new website.

Check it out now at

Add a link to your email signature

This one is simple and a bit of a no-brainer, but it works! Include a functioning link to your website in your professional email signature. Have all employees do the same. If you’d like to feature a certain page or piece of content, you can include that link in addition to the link to your homepage.

An email signature example:

Add a link to your email signature

Run paid ads

For a B2B industrial company, you wouldn’t want to create a campaign that just says, “View our new website.” We recommend being more specific. Think about what new features are on the website. Are there new products, markets or keywords about which you’re trying to raise awareness to generate new business? Create new campaigns around those products, markets or keywords. It is a great way to get new traffic to the website and improve your overall website visibility.

Establish a timeline

Just a few years ago, it took several hours for a new website to propagate and be visible to everyone. Today, it takes just an hour or two. Some companies make the assumption that this means you should pull out all the stops promoting the website ASAP. However, it can be beneficial to wait a few days after launching the new website before you promote it, just to ensure that the dust has settled and any post-launch fast followers are in place.

First, make employees aware of the new website, and let them click around. They can be a last round of quality control before you promote to customers and prospects.

As you establish a timeline of when you want each email, social post or ad to go out, stagger the announcement to your customers—you don’t want to overwhelm those who might follow you on multiple social channels and receive your emails.

It can be beneficial to stagger the promotion on each platform, as well. This creates multiple reasons and opportunities for people to reach out to your company and visit your engaging new website.

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