Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Post Round-Up

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Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Post Round-Up

Over the past few months, our Principal and resident manufacturing & industrial marketing expert Kathy Kassera Mrozek has been invited by the team at Constant Contact to create a series of informative blog posts.

These posts have detailed strategies that can help manufacturing companies better harness a wide variety of different digital marketing tools and techniques. If you’re in charge of a company in this industry, new to digital marketing and are interested in learning new ways to stand out amongst the competition, you’re in the right place.

We recommend reviewing these posts in the order they’re shared here for a comprehensive guide. That said, feel free to skip around if you’re further along in your journey and are more interested in specific advice.

Grow your Manufacturing Business with our Digital Marketing Guide
This post introduces the basics of marketing for manufacturing companies, focusing on the necessary modern shift toward online marketing.

Build a Website to Showcase Your Manufacturing Company
A mobile-friendly website is the cornerstone of any successful business, and that includes the manufacturing industry. Learn about what your site will need to succeed.

Email Marketing for Manufacturers: Here’s What You Need to Know
Email marketing is just as strong as ever. If you’re wondering if email marketing is necessary for your business, the answer is yes. Kathy details why in this post.

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers
Find tips and advice regarding how you can best promote your manufacturing business on social media, including how to best find customers on all available networks.

How to Manage Reviews and Listings for Manufacturers
There’s a lot to know about when it comes to managing reviews and listings for manufacturers. Get answers about how to best manage reviews on sites like Google, how to ask for reviews, and which listing sites are the best place to start.

How Manufacturers Can Make Use of Content Marketing
Content marketing is, arguably, one of the most important parts of any online marketing strategy. If you want to know how to create and promote better content, this is a must read.

Paid Advertising Options for Manufacturers
Paid advertising isn’t just for B2C companies. B2B companies, manufacturing ones in particular, can gain a lot from the focused, keyword-driven world of paid advertising.

SEO for Manufacturing Companies: Getting Started
Search engine optimization is key for any company that wants to be found through organic Google searches. Learn more about how it works, how to find and use keywords properly, and beyond.

Marketing Automation for the Manufacturing Industry
Marketing automation is really intimidating to a lot of people… but it doesn’t have to be. Automation is all about taking things you’re already doing and saving yourself time and money by using software to automate those efforts

These resources will get you started when it comes to digital marketing for your manufacturing business. If you want to dig a little deeper into more specific topics, we have a number of our own on-site resources you can use for further learning.

High-Performance B2B Digital Marketing Programs and Websites: How to Do More with Less
This white paper will help you learn how to better leverage your company website, new strategies, and the right metrics to build digital marketing programs that deliver better results.

The Ultimate Guide to Domain, DNS, Hosting and FTP
Learn everything you need to know about DNS, domain, hosting, FTP, and more. If it concerns making sure your website runs properly, this article will have the information you need.

How to Use Industrial SEO to Boost Your Manufacturing Company
Learn more about the reasons why search engine optimization is crucial for any competitive manufacturing company and what the difference is between traditional and industrial-focused SEO.

10 Features All Manufacturing Websites Should Have
There are a few things on this list that you already know, like content that’s updated regularly and a reliable host. Those aren’t the only features your manufacturing website needs, however.

B2B Post-Conversion Optimization: How to Turn More Leads Into Sales
Getting prospects to convert is the main goal of many digital marketing strategies. Whether it’s downloading a white paper or completing a form, all your efforts are to get that click. This post talks about what you do after the click and how you can turn those prospects into long term customers.

How to Conduct a Quarterly Review of Your Marketing Health
Keeping your marketing health staying healthy means giving it a check-up every few months. This post will walk you through that process.

If you’re interested in learning more about any one (or all) of these topics, get in touch with the team at Windmill Strategy. We’d love to get to know you and your company!

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