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Website Redesign for an Innovative Natural Gas Provider

Evolving Sustainable Energy Landscape Leads to A Redesigned B2B Website

Kinetrex Energy (recently acquired by Kinder Morgan) is a vertically integrated provider of renewable natural gas (RNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and pipeline natural gas (PNG). While these categories of natural gas solutions are in some ways interconnected, the products and services involved are marketed to several widely varying B2B audiences.

Because the RNG segment, in particular, is growing rapidly, Kinetrex wanted to expand the emphasis on this aspect of the business on their new website, as compared to their previous website. The company came to Windmill for a redesign that would re-strategize the navigation, content strategy, and user experience of the Kinetrex website, with the goals of generating more leads and positioning Kinetrex as industry experts.

Services Utilized

  • Copywriting
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Web Design & Development
  • Video Shoot & Editing


  • APIs and integrations
  • Blog/News
  • Case Studies
  • Content Strategy


  • 25% Increase In Users
  • Sessions Up 35%
  • Session Duration Up 100%
  • Pageviews Up 34%

About Kinetrex Energy

A pioneer in natural gas production, storage, liquefaction, and transport, Kinetrex provides renewable natural gas (RNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) solutions for utilities, transportation, asphalt, and a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Situation: A Need to Elevate the Website to Meet Evolving Opportunities

Growth in the RNG segment of Kinetrex’s business led to the decision to redesign their website, which had placed more emphasis on LNG, their historical bread-and-butter. However, their RNG segment has been expanding, due to growth in corporate ESG initiatives regarding net-zero emissions. The audience for RNG, generally blue-chip companies seeking to reduce emissions and gain renewable energy credits, differs from the audience for LNG, who are looking for energy to directly support their operations. The new website needed to provide clear pathways for both types of customers to find relevant information.

Solution: A Customer-Focused Website for a Complex Business

Kinetrex Energy is a complex business. To communicate as clearly as possible on the website, we developed a new sitemap, navigation, and content strategy, which were informed by competitive analysis and keyword analysis, as well as user experience and messaging to multiple audiences. RNG and LNG are both prominently shown as pathways from the main navigation bar, while the pipeline natural gas (PNG) portion of the business, a smaller, geographically limited market, was somewhat deemphasized.

RNG LNG Solutions Provider Web Design Kinetrex MobileWe conducted interviews with key stakeholders and company leaders to put together a thorough branding and messaging framework to guide the content of the website and other, future marketing materials as well. Our copywriter and a client resource both provided new content for the website, and some existing content was repurposed.

Relevant charts and calculators from the previous site were carried over to the new website. These tools help potential customers estimate the potential cost savings and reduction in Scope 1 emissions that can result from switching from other forms of energy to Kinetrex RNG or LNG solutions. The tools can be accessed via dropdown menus from the main navigation bar.

To showcase Kinetrex natural gas facilities, our videographer went on-site in Indiana to shoot drone footage that would add substance and authenticity to the website. Stills from the footage provided additional custom imagery that personalizes and elevates the website.

One challenge cropped up midstream: Kinetrex was acquired. Keeping the customer-focused user experience, content strategy and SEO optimization, we revised the design, logo, and color palette to match those of the buyer, Kinder Morgan, and incorporated links to the parent company into the main navigation and footer.

Windmill Strategy launched a new Kinetrex Energy website that reflects the company’s industry leadership and expertise and provides a better user experience for both RNG and LNG audiences. Custom visual elements are incorporated into new corporate brand standards. Integrated with Right On Interactive and Salesforce, the new website supports lead generation, tracking, and the customer journey.

Company overview video filmed and edited by Windmill Strategy


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