B2B Industrial Distributor Web Design Case Study Dover Tubular Alloys Featured

Industrial Web Design for B2B Master Tubing and Pipe Distributor

Website Redesign Delivered Increased Lead Generation and Lowered Bounce Rate

Master tubing and pipe distributor Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc. wanted to update their website to increase business, improve user experience, and enhance overall SEO performance. Because they typically have quick turnaround times for purchases, they wanted to make the process easier for existing customers and prospects alike. Windmill Strategy composed a plan to address all of Dover Tubular’s new site goals with new features like an improved product search experience, clearer calls to action, a reduction of vertical scrolling, and an overall modernized aesthetic update.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO


  • WordPress
  • Improved Product Search
  • Custom Theme
  • Gutenberg


  • Sessions up 15%
  • Bounce Rate Down 12%
  • Uptick in new customers

About Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc

Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc. is a master distributor of stainless steel and aluminum tubing and pipe. They exclusively serve metal service centers, distributors and other wholesalers. They opened for business in 1983 and have been delivering superior customer service and unique product offerings ever since.

Situation: A Website in Need of Better UX and Sales Performance

Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc. has a purchase cycle that’s typically only 24 hours or less. Customers seek out Dover Tubular because they offer quick turnarounds on over 3,000 variations of tubing available from the world’s best domestic, DFARS compliant, AML, ISO compliant mills. Because of their typically short sales cycle, they needed a website that can be accessed, searched, and navigated quickly and with ease. They didn’t have time to lose potential sales to something as simple as an outdated product search system. Basically, they needed a website with good user experience (UX) that would increase their sales performance.

What they wanted was a solution that offered them a modern, updated, easier-to-navigate website that could decrease bounce rates while increasing the number of potential leads and sales brought in.

Solution: Custom Website with Improved Product Search and A Better Look

B2B Industrial Distributor Web Design Case Study Dover Tubular Alloys MobileWhen it comes to creating custom websites that offer excellent built-in options, we prefer using WordPress CMS. That’s exactly what we did with Dover Tubular, where we developed a custom theme that tightly integrated with their existing HubSpot CRM. We began that process by creating a unique, custom concept for creative direction for the site, incorporating the existing Dover Tubular Alloys color scheme, logo, and brand elements. That way we could keep the things that were already working for them, like excellent pipe and product photography, and combine that with a modern, updated site design.

The new custom website was built in a scalable fashion, to allow for future content to be added to the site and it’s navigation with ease. This modular design made it easier for client-side users to make desired changes down the line Because ease of access was so important to Dover Tubular, we designed their new site from a mobile-responsive perspective. That way, while it would be compatible with all modern desktop browsers, it was also designed for browsing and conversions on mobile as well as every size between. 

The updates to the website didn’t just include the look of the site, they included how it was organized and how it would be managed as well. The project included content strategies that focused on new content to be created as well as the consolidation, reorganization, and editing of existing content to be more in line with modern SEO best practices. To best do this, Windmill developed a series of audience profiles with unique wants and needs to be addressed by future content produced by Dover.

With an updated look and new content direction, the final service Dover Tubular needed was training on how to continue to draw success from their new updates. Windmill provided training and consultation that taught Dover Tubular how to edit and maintain content, update information, and navigation. This training gave them the power to be able to have a high degree of sitewide control.


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