USI Branding and Web Design & Development

A cohesive brand strategy and website for a nationwide B2B and B2C building materials company

We worked with this nationwide insulation and construction services chain to flesh out an authoritative brand into marketing pieces and a website that presents the company as a unified, knowledgeable and trusted source of information about home improvements. Our focus: to develop better lead generation for the homeowner market while also clearly presenting USI’s advantages to builders, and to unify multiple brand names while retaining existing name recognition. The website features branch-specific landing pages that set their preferred location as they browse the site; lead forms are routed automatically to the correct salesperson through a system of sorting based on location and service availability.

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Services Utilized

  • Branding & Visual Design
  • Web Development and Design
  • Marketing Automation, CRM & Sales Enablement


  • APIs and integrations
  • Dealer Locator
  • Map-based location search
  • WordPress


  • A unified brand that phased out existing multiple names over time, retaining name recognition
  • Automated delivery of leads to the correct sales teams
  • Empowered local sales teams

USI needed a Minneapolis Web Design team to unify their brand across a nationwide network of insulation and construction services branches — and grow their homeowner client base — without alienating their commercial customers. Internal communications pieces were also critical, as the organization had been built through numerous acquisitions, most individual branches still operating under a unique name. We worked with USI to create a system of branch name conventions that retained name recognition of the individual branches during a transition period, while introducing the USI name and a streamlined and unified set of marketing and communications pieces.

The brand launch included a new website as a hub for all marketing, vehicle graphics, signage templates, marketing collateral such as a PowerPoint template, a series of brochures and direct mail postcards, an overview brochure, individual service brochures, and tradeshow materials, We provided design, development, and copywriting services to reduce the burden of content development on the client’s small marketing department.

To support the sales teams with the new messaging, we created an Insulation Pitch Book that is used as a sales tool, providing a consistent message for their sales force at every in-home presentation made across the U.S. Our work also included internal communications pieces including a brand book to help individual branches implement the brand.

The website places a heavy emphasis on lead generation, integrating with the client’s CRM system and PPC campaigns, and it provides a breadth of resources for homeowners to learn more about USI’s insulation and home improvement services.

The interactive find-a-branch feature aids in this by creating a sticky sidebar that populates with the closest branch as the user browses sections on insulation products, services and energy efficiency. A lightweight backend system delivers leads to the right salesperson based on location and service. The resulting site presents USI as a resource to homeowners and also highlights its strengths in construction services to builders.

I just want to let you guys know how incredible it has been working with you. You have a heck of a company and group of people, and you will be the first recommendation I have for anybody looking for full-service graphic design firms. Everybody is extremely impressed with the site, VIGs, truck wrapping program and so forth. None of this is even close to possible without you guys being an incredible partner in all of this. Thank you to your team for always being so adaptable to USI’s ever-changing needs and providing such top-notch quality and service.
David KlarichSenior Marketing Specialist, USI

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