Inbound and Digital Marketing Process

Windmill Strategy helps you navigate the changing landscape of modern digital marketing, to create and execute a flexible plan that combines analytics, insights, strategy and execution to achieve your marketing goals, no matter where you are on your digital transformation roadmap. There is no “one size fits all” approach to our work, and we tailor our services to align with your priorities and where the most impact can be made.

Getting Started: A Diagnostic Approach

Regardless of your company’s situation and whether we’re completing a website redesign with you in tandem, we typically start inbound and digital marketing efforts seeking to learn as much as possible via a smaller, paid engagement. This is much like a physician meeting a patient for the first time. Once we learn more about your unique problems and situation, we’ll present you the most impactful solutions and opportunities to improve your marketing.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Start: Your Roadmap for Success

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Start is a one-month diagnostic project that allows our team to quicky learn more about your situation to deliver a strategy brief and execution roadmap to the most actionable, strategic advice on what you should be doing to attract more and better-qualified leads to support marketing and sales.

Occasionally, if we’ve worked with an existing client through a website redesign or past work together, we will forgo this initial diagnostic, though the process for how this work is delivered and managed remains the same.

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Kickoff, Discovery and Asset Gathering

We start every engagement by listening to your business and marketing goals, and create smart, customized solutions through a collaborative, iterative process. During the kickoff meeting, we will discuss key audiences, key competitors, overall content and strategy goals, what’s worked well and not well in the past, and other marketing objectives with client decision makers and the Windmill project team. We also gain access to existing site analytics, sales materials, and any other relevant background materials.

Onboarding and Setup

After covering strategy and planning activities above, we’ll move into execution mode fully, targeted toward increasing conversions and new leads. Contracts are month-to-month (no minimum contract length) and can be viewed as a block of time to be allocated toward the highest priority and highest ROI activities in a given month or quarter.

Meeting Cadence and Reporting Dashboard

We’ll meet on a regular basis, usually monthly at minimum, based on the size of our engagement and number of actively running initiatives for your plan to review reporting. This will include analysis of performance against KPIs, a summary of what was completed the previous month, and most importantly our recommendations and strategy for the following month. We’ll also seek to understand the quality of the leads we’re delivering as well other business priorities you have to share so our work is well aligned. You’ll also receive access to a cloud-based digital marketing dashboard to view performance at any time during the month.

Ongoing Implementation

We’ll prioritize our activities to focus on the highest impact strategies and tactics to support your growth and success. The size of our ongoing engagement corresponds to how far and how deep we can go in any particular month. Smaller plans cover basics like SEO analytics and CRO-driven ongoing improvements to the website, small mini-projects and enhancements. Larger plans allow more time for aggressive PPC, SEO, CRO, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation initiatives and campaigns.

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