B2B Website Strategy Webinar

Not all B2B marketing strategies are the same. What’s right for one industry isn’t always right for another, and knowing how to serve their unique corner of the world is the marker of any companies’ successful marketing efforts. Windmill Strategy understands this, which is why our marketing firm focuses on web development and digital strategy services for niche B2B technical industries like manufacturing, industrial automation, engineering, technology, and medicine.

That experience and niche-focused expertise led to the creation of this webinar, where our founder and president Kathy Mrozek will be covering the eight pillars for B2B website strategy success. These eight pillars represent the pieces that come together to create a whole B2B website marketing strategy capable of driving new leads and conversions.

The webinar covers eight pillars of planning a successful B2B website project:

  1. Define the need and the goals
  2. Know your audience
  3. Articulate who you are
  4. Guide visitors to critical actions
  5. Prioritize features
  6. Plan critical content
  7. Organize the homepage
  8. Write the strategic plan

When you tune in, you’ll learn how these pillars work together to develop a strategy that not only drives business growth but works within the unique confines or your particular industry. Developing a robust website strategy is only the beginning of a successful B2B marketing plan. This webinar will give you the tools to take those first steps as well as offer additional pro tips for persona and content development.

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B2B Website Strategy Webinar – Hosted by Kathy Mrozek