Security, Maintenance and Hosting

Before your website goes live, we run it through a phalanx of testing to ensure it’s fast-loading, secure and reliable.

For instance, to make sure your new site renders consistently across browsers and platforms, we test it using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS, and Android. We also test the site in the final hosting environment to ensure all functionality is working once the site is live. We no longer offer support in Internet Explorer.

How fast your website loads and its reliability depends on the quality of the hosting platform or server, therefore, we ensure that your site is on a hosting account that provides top performance. We develop your website within a secure hosting environment. Our structured go-live process ensures no last-minute surprises or hurdles before launch, while making sure the site is properly indexed by Google and Bing. One last quality check ensures forms and functionality are working as expected and without issue. When it’s time to “go live” all it takes is a few keystrokes.

Generally, most of our clients have us host and maintain their sites once we go live. The handoff is seamless, minimizes risk and translates into long-term cost savings. The payoff: your site is always safe and secure, and operating at 100 percent efficiency. We offer hosting plans from certified partners that deliver best-in-class uptimes and reliability, including a no-hack guarantee. Fewer worries spent on hosting and maintenance leaves you with more time to create that next lead-generation campaign.

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