Retargeting & Display Advertising

Retargeting and display ads allow you to keep the attention of past website visitors, and create awareness with new, highly specialized audiences.

Also called remarketing, retargeting is a tactic that shows display and search ads, or both, about your company to visitors who have spent time on your site exploring content. These ads pop-up on other websites in the form of advertisements as your prospects surf the web. Retargeting technology is what companies such as Amazon use to entice you with previously viewed products. Advanced techniques — similar to audience targeting — help us define new segments based on your prospects’ website viewing history. Next, we’ll present display ads to your prospects when they visit these sites — and connect you with new audiences unaware of your brand.

Retargeting past website visitors

Retargeting ads will show exclusively to users who have already visited your website. We can segment your retargeting further by showing specific ads to users who’ve taken some action on your website, such as visited a particular industry or product-specific page, filled out a form, or spent a lot of time on the site.

Creating awareness with specific audiences

Custom affinity audiences, in-market audiences and custom intent audiences are great methods to raise awareness with users who express interest in specific topics, URLs, and products or who are in the market for particular products or services.
 With Custom Affinity audiences, we can target users based on their visits to industry-specific or topic-specific websites anywhere on the web — not just your own website. In-market audiences allow us to find users who are looking specifically to purchase the goods or services that you offer. Custom Intent Audiences allow us to specify keywords and URLs related to your products or services and Google will build an audience matching that user intent. Each of these targeting options, used separately or in combination with each other, offer powerful tools for generating awareness while staying targeted to your potential customers.

Using AI to find others who fit your profile

Similar audience lists (also referred to as lookalike audiences) allow us to use information about your current website visitors to create an audience of additional users with similar characteristics. You can accomplish this through a remarketing list, by tagging your website, or by uploading data from your existing client list. Similar audiences are created using machine learning that examines the online activity of your current users and finds new users who display similar interests and characteristics. This option is available in Google (customer match) and LinkedIn (matched audience).

Targeting via social demographics

Social networks, such as LinkedIn, offer you even greater targeting options. Here, we can target users who work in a particular industry or even at a specific company. Using ABM strategies we can target your top personas by job title; and, a combination of these options can help you display your content to the people most likely to be looking for your products or services.
 You can also target followers of specific industry publications, and other tactics to find the right people.

Regardless of the channel, we closely monitor your display advertising and continuously refine your targeting by demographics, location and audiences. We also observe the websites, devices and apps where your ads are displayed. In many cases, mobile devices, mobile apps, games, or unrelated websites drive clicks with little engagement, so careful targeting removes these types of impressions.

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