User Experience (UX) Web Analytics

How are website visitors engaging with your site, and are they doing what we want them to do?

Are website visitors reading your blog posts beginning to end?
Which web pages attract the highest number of unique pageviews?
How many visitors are downloading your e-books or white papers and watching your videos?
Are people doing what we want them to do on your key site pages; are CTAs clear?

For most B2B companies, the tip of the marketing spear is your website. That’s because, for most of your prospects, the site is their first interaction with you. User experience and engagement analytics help us discern how your users interact and experience your website. Do they watch your videos, download your content and fill out contact forms? Do you know the best colors to use for your call-to-action buttons and what messages your visitors respond most favorable to?

What’s in the Toolbox

To help us dig deep into user behavior, tools like heat mapping, A/B testing, usability testing and analytics reveal how users engage your website. These tools include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Usability tools—Hotjar, Crazy Egg, Optimal Workshop
  • Accessibility—Siteimprove
  • A/B split testing—Google Optimize
  • Advertising engagement—Google Ad Manager, Google Adsense
  • Content performance—WP Engine

User experience and engagement analytics are always reviewed with qualitative data from you and your sales team, to ensure that the people engaging with your website content are the right ones, through a process that includes regular feedback and collaboration.

To create a custom approach for you, contact us.