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B2B Construction Company Website Redesign

B2B website redesign builds trust, validation, support for growing customer base

The Bainey Group (“Bainey”) is a construction management group serving primarily commercial B2B customers, exclusively in the greater Twin Cities metro. They’ve realized sustained growth over the past several years, and even more growth is projected for the future. They were looking to update their website to meet this growth – both now and into the future. Bainey also was new to the CRM game, and looked to Windmill to help integrate and setup it’s HubSpot CRM to help nurture prospects.

Bainey wanted their out-of-date website to shift into a better point of trust and validating for their existing customers. They also wanted to modernize the voice and vision on their site to evoke a sense of modern professionalism without losing their ability to make changes as they grew into the future.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Copywriting
  • SEO


  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation


  • Modernized Look
  • Improved User Experience

About The Bainey Group

B2B Construction Company Web Design Case Study The Bainey Group ResponsiveThe Bainey Group (Bainey) is a general contracting company, founded in 1994, that offers premium full construction services for commercial business owners, managers, and brokers in the midwest. Services they offer include design-build, tenant improvements, remodeling and renovation, value engineering, construction management, consulting services, and beyond.

Bainey differentiates itself through quality of work and service, transparency with customers, and a relationship-driven focus; it relies and succeeds through sales to existing customers that keep coming back.

Situation: A Website Needing to Support and Sustain Growth

Bainey has realized sustained growth over the past several years, and was operating at capacity. As their growth continued, they started looking to the future. They found themselves asking: how can we better position ourselves for the future to support existing customer relationships while building trust for new ones?

Their answer to that question was simple: a new, updated, modern website. They wanted to improve their website’s image and voice to better promote trust, validation, and support for existing customers while, at the same time, positioning themselves to embrace future growth.

They came to Windmill Strategy with these goals and we developed a strategy that included updated design, new content, SEO research, and a modular custom WordPress design to give them what they needed.

Solution: A Modular, Custom-Designed Site with Updated Visuals and Voice

The Bainey Group wanted a website that could carry them – and their success – into the future. The first thing we looked at was how we could make updating their website as easy as possible as they grew into their company’s future. Because of this need for efficiency, we went with the WordPress CMS for their new site. WordPress offers the sort of flexibility needed for a customer that wants easy admin access for future changes or updates.

Since the main goal of this project was to modernize the site and meet trust and validation needs, we wanted to make the site structure as easy to modify as possible. That’s why we rolled out a modular site design strategy using WordPress’ native Gutenberg block builder. This sort of strategy works with templates drafted as the building blocks of each page. These building blocks can then be used and re-used to introduce new pages as needed that can easily keep within the updated design aesthetic.

Once the foundational work was done, we had to look to the next steps: how to modernize the website’s imagery and voice. To modernize the website visually, we focused on adding a lot more product photography and visual elements that highlight the quality services offered by Bainey. We created moodboards for the project and shared them with Bainey during the development of a distinct visual concept for their brand. Not only did this inform how the site was visually developed, but also gave Bainey a better knowledge of exactly what they wanted as far as brand guidelines were concerned. Aside from photography, we developed an updated logo that had a more memorable, unique impact.

When it came to the content on their site, we wrote and developed several new key pages, including their homepage, about page, giving back page, and three other high-value targets. During the development of these new pages, SEO keyword research was conducted. This research look at primary terms like “general contractors” and “construction” and looked at how Bainey could better implement these words and others on their pages to drive pageviews. There was also a renewed focus on geo-modified keywords and differentiating Bainey from other similarly-named local companies. All these efforts worked together to better differentiate Bainey in their space while improving their connection with existing clientele.

I have worked with Windmill over the past 9 months on branding, marketing and a full website design. This group has been absolutely phenomenal to work with. From the first meeting through implementation of each project it as been first class along the way. The team stays engaged and helps you walk through all of the different steps and options. I can't recommend them enough for their work!
Billy EricksonThe Bainey Group

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