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Custom Gear Pump Manufacturer Website Redesign

High Pressure Custom Gear Pump Manufacturer Northern Pump Upgrades Website to Meet Modern Business Needs

Northern Pump is a manufacturer of high pressure custom gear pumps for oil, gas and several other industries and applications. While there are standardized gear pumps for the most common applications and industries, the level of customization specific to an application or industry means there are no pump model numbers (and off-the-shelf inventory); all products are engineered from scratch.

The goal of the new website was to change their image into one that was state-of-the-art, accessible, and easy to maintain. The intention was to use these updates to improve overall lead generation and online recruitment for the business. 

Windmill Strategy used these facts as the foundation for the custom website redesign plan we developed and implemented for Northern Pump.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Client Training


  • WordPress
  • One web framework for two companies


  • Clean, modernized design update
  • Improved navigation

About Northern Pump

Northern Pump has been providing heavy duty gear pumps to a vast array of industries for over a hundred years. They provide custom-tooled products that come in made-to-order sizes and can stand up to challenging conditions, severe environments, and extreme temperatures. They specialize in the manufacturing and custom building of these positive displacement gear pumps with modular designs that allow for application-specific customization.

Northern Pump is a subdivision of McNally Industries.

Situation: A Pump Manufacturer Website in Need of a State-of-the-Art Face Lift

Northern Pump wanted to boost their business. They came to us needing the ability to better use their voice, content, and user flows to reach and grow into new markets. 

And they wanted to start that growth with a website that better met their needs, both functionally and stylistically.

The primary goal of the Northern Pump site project was to provide a state-of-the-art appearance that modernized the online persona of their business. The secondary goal of the project was to provide a boost to their HR recruiting. Finally, they wanted to take an active approach to lead generation with this update by having us make sure they were ranking better for oil and gas pump industry keywords. This would give them the ability to tap into new markets with their current offerings and use the update to increase their overall niche online industry representation.

Solution: A Modern Website with Improved Accessibility, Technology, and Style

Northern Pump’s primary focus was the look and feel of their site. They wanted to make it more modern, more state-of-the-art, and more in line with what a future thinking business owner would want to see. To make the development of a new site as easy and functionally sound as possible, we went with the WordPress CMS. Developing a custom theme for their website that would integrate easily with their existing CRM and marketing programs was a necessity, which is why we went with WordPress’s ease of use. As an added bonus, WordPress contains a super intuitive admin experience, making it easier for Northern Pump to make needed updates in the future as needed.

Northern Pump wanted their new site to give off a feel that was modern, clean, and easy to navigate. They wanted to continue to use their same color schemes and branding, but streamline the rest of the website in a way that was in line with timeless modern design. To accomplish this, we focused on a site design that featured dynamic movement and animation, modern iconography, and video content. All features that are less frequently found on outdated websites and more commonly featured on modern ones.

When it came to their on-page content, Northern Pump wanted to continue producing it themselves. To help them update their voice alongside their visual branding, Windmill provided training to help them consistently maintain the professional, reliable, and personal tone they were going for.

A modern website isn’t just about the look and words, it’s also about how easy it is to navigate. We introduced a modular, building block style sitemap that allowed them to create pages and stylize content in a more engaging fashion. The new sitemap we developed made sure to properly prioritize case studies and product information without becoming too confusing or heavy in the process.


B2B Pump Manufacturer Web Design Case Study Northern Pump Interior



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