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Website Development & Design for a Manufacturer of Natural Gas Pressure Regulators

A Well-Prepared B2B Client and Our Established Process Allowed Us to Keep a New Custom Website on Schedule

Utility Solutions Group’s new website, aimed at distributors, features two of the manufacturing company’s gas regulator products. Its parent company’s goal was that the site would go live in conjunction with the announcement of their purchase of the business.

Fortunately, the parent company, Holland Supply Company, had already worked with Windmill Strategy on a more complex website project, so they were familiar with our process.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Alert Bar
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Iconography
  • Custom Theme


  • 100% Site Performance Score (GTmetrix)
  • Improved User Experience
  • Modern Look-and-Feel

About Utility Solutions Group

Utility Solutions Group is a global business that produces high-quality, U.S.-made products. Its natural gas pressure regulators are sold via distributors to a variety of industrial, mechanical, HVAC and plumbing businesses, as well as to utilities.

Situation: A New B2B Website Needed to be Ready to Launch in Conjunction with An Acquisition Announcement

Our existing client, Holland Supply Company, initiated the website project while in final talks to buy Utility Solutions Group. The plan was to have the new acquisition’s website go live as soon as the purchase was announced. The new website would not require the e-commerce functionality and other more complex features that the Holland Supply Company website included.

Solution: Careful Planning and Close Collaboration to Deliver A Small-Scale, Custom Website

Our experience in designing and developing B2B industrial websites meant we knew how to structure the process to be as quick as possible and to avoid creating a scope of work that would exceed the time allotted.

B2B Gas Pressure Regulator Supplier USG MobileThe client was familiar with our way of working, and they were extremely responsive. They had already gathered all their content and other information when the project formally kicked off, whichhelped us reach all the planned milestones.

Some initial branding work had already been done by a third party, and Windmill used this as the foundation for the new website design. To move the project along as quickly as possible, we used the provided design assets “as-is,” sought immediate approval on first drafts of site architecture and visual design, and moved into the development stage in tandem with some of the initial strategy and visual design work being completed.

The new website was built in WordPress, with a WYSIWYG editor for easy updates. The website is structured to get distributors the product information they need, including technical data, and create clear pathways for them to contact Utility Solutions Group for more information and next steps.

A relationship of mutual trust and a commitment to collaboration and to hitting milestones helped the new Utility Solutions Group website launch as planned.

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