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Website Design for a Full-Service Packaging Firm

Gamer Packaging Custom Website Is Built On the Voice of Their Customer

Gamer Packaging sought to redesign its website to be highly visually appealing and to clearly position the company as a full-service partner, so that it would generate more, and better, leads. 

Windmill developed a plan to meet Gamer’s goals through not only custom design and development services, but comprehensive content strategy, positioning and persona work; digital marketing for targeted traffic; and better web tools.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • Client Training
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Web Design & Development


  • Blog/News
  • Case Studies
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Theme


  • Session duration increased by 11.87%
  • Improved user experience
  • Modern look-and-feel

About Gamer Packaging

Gamer Packaging is a full-service, custom packaging firm that specializes in the food and beverage, consumer goods, and healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s services range from design and engineering through warehousing, freight and inventory management.

Situation: Ambitious Goals and an Appetite for Understanding Its Customers

Gamer needed a website that would help the company be viewed as a full-service partner, a national industry leader and a resource for existing and prospective customers. Gamer’s goal was to outperform their competitors online in attracting leads and driving targeted traffic to the website.

For Windmill, design presented an especially exciting challenge, since—given its business—Gamer is more experienced in visual design than many of our clients.

Solution: In-Depth Positioning and Persona Work, Content Strategy, and Engaging UX Elements

Windmill conducted in-depth buyer persona work that involved interviewing multiple customers of Gamer. These findings were incorporated into a “voice of customer” document that was used to inform the copywriting work done by both Windmill and Gamer’s in-house copywriter. A tone-of-voice moodboard helped Gamer create a unified elevator pitch that is now standardized and echoed across the website.

B2B Packaging Firm Web Design Gamer Packaging ResponsiveAn ideal customer profile was articulated—small-to-medium sized companies whose owner/operators have little to no experience with packaging—but content was also organized in a clear and concise way to present Gamer’s value proposition to another set of customers: large corporations seeking to augment their in-house packaging team or solve a specific problem. A third audience—suppliers of packaging products and services seeking new distribution channels—was also kept in mind. Suppliers are important in that they help Gamer deepen its reach and relationships, which in turn benefits and adds value to the end customer.

Windmill organized the sitemap, navigation and other UX elements to make it clear to the various verticals and audiences how Gamer can help them, attracting leads both for specific services and Gamer’s full-service model. The development included a platform to power content marketing/inbound efforts and other tools to support sales efforts and provide clear analytics.

In addition to in-depth ICP work and persona documentation, distinctive elements that Windmill brought to the table included Gutenberg blocks, plus extended block libraries, for enhanced visual effects, and a unique custom post type for Case Studies, so they can be tied relationally to industries and services.

We met the client’s preference for a highly interactive website with parallax, hover states and other effects to spice up the website user experience. Through close collaboration and listening, Windmill was able to meet this design-savvy client’s expectations.


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