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Watson-Forsberg started providing contracting services to the Twin Cities 60 years ago. Their leadership contacted Windmill Design for help updating both their website design and copy. Since the brand has a rich history, their team wanted our help showcasing their heritage on the new website. We redesigned their website to be modern and easily scannable. The site showcases their work through beautifully displayed high-res photos, clean design, and strong content.

Watson-Forsberg has been doing business in the Twin Cities for the past 60 years. It’s not just focused on building structures, but buildings that contribute to the community in a meaningful way. Their team understands that what they build is often a shelter, home, and place of comfort for its residents. This is why they take pride in their work and have been leaders in environmentally conscious building practices since the 1970s.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development


  • Case Studies
  • Industry/Application Pages
  • Blog/News
  • WordPress


  • Increased confidence when sending prospects to the website
  • Better engagement and visibility online

Aligning Their Website and Long-Term Goals

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Due to their long heritage in Minneapolis, Watson-Forsberg has earned a significant amount of recognition and respect in the community. Leadership wanted to bolster this recognition by redesigning their website with a modern look that better aligns with their business goals. They also wanted their design to be photo-centric to better highlight the high-quality buildings they construct.

Designing a Modern and Concise Website

Windmill Strategy worked with Watson-Forsberg to identify their website goals, the values that define their company, and how it communicates with clients and prospects. Since you typically only have 10 seconds to convince a reader to stay on your page, Windmill Strategy helped Watson-Forsberg tighten up their copy and make it more compelling.

We also helped them clearly communicate their values across the website. This involved strategically placing their core message and revamping their about pages. Finally, we redesigned their website and prioritized images in the design. This helps Watson-Forsberg better showcase their completed projects, which is often the key to getting prospects to pick up the phone.

What Watson-Forsberg Thinks

“We enjoyed working with everyone at Windmill and appreciated that there was a team of people to bounce ideas off of. They were accommodating and flexible; willing to meet in our space and theirs as well as host conference calls to plan the details of our website. To this day, if we have questions, they’re always there to help.

Windmill has boosted our confidence when telling people to “Check out our website!” and we feel proud to show it off. Thank you, Windmill Team, for your efforts in making our website user-friendly and attractive to the eye. We’ve had many compliments on our website!” – Dan Schultz, Vice President


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