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Genetic Testing Laboratory QnA Dx Taps Windmill Strategy to Build and Launch a New Website in Less Than 30 Days

QnA Dx leaders engaged us to design and launch a new website that conveyed trust and legitimacy to its growing customer base. To quickly develop the site, we built it on the parent company’s website framework, also created by Windmill Strategy. The site offered a flat information architecture so audiences of physicians, scientists and researchers could easily explore the laboratory’s sequencing and data analysis capabilities.

Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development


  • WordPress


  • Launched in 30 days
  • Steady increase in traffic

About QnA Dx

Life Science Web Design QnA Dx Case Study MobileQnA Dx is a CLIA/ISO-15189 accredited clinical sequencing laboratory located in Cambridge, Mass. The organization is a subsidiary of Q-State Biosciences, a precision medicine company working to develop genetically targeted and transformative therapies for severe disorders of the nervous system. To better understand the root causes of diseases, the laboratory uses whole genome and whole exome next-generation sequencing approaches to diagnose and stratify patients into disease subtypes. In short, QnA Dx helps physicians improve their ability to diagnose and provide the best next steps for their patients.

Situation & Solution

QnA Dx leaders wanted their new website to be up and running within 30 days of when they engaged us. The website’s goal was to showcase the laboratory’s unique approach to whole-genome sequencing and testing while building credibility. Trust and acceptance are paramount in the highly-regulated medical testing industry, where lives are literally at stake through accurate test results.

Since speed to launch was the utmost priority, we constructed the website using the same framework we created for its sister company website: Q-State Biosciences. Using this approach, we were able to save the company thousands of dollars and weeks of development time. Complementary visual elements on each of the two sites help communicate unified key messages for consistent branding.


Since the launch of the laboratory’s website on January 23, 2020, page views have been steadily increasing. Hotjar analytics have revealed 415 unique visitors to the site, a significant number considering it’s a newly indexed site that’s marketing highly specialized services.


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