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Industrial Training and Assessment Solutions Provider Web Design

International Training and Assessment Solution Provider Updates Site to Improve Sales, Connect With Customers

Plexus International is a leading provider of comprehensive standards training, consulting, and assessment solutions internationally for a variety of industries. They’re known for designing, developing, and delivering solutions that support management system implementation, product development process improvement, auditor qualification, staff certification, and beyond.

They were interested in taking steps to update, unify, and streamline user experience on their website. This was an especially important objective because Plexus offers open-enrollment training they wanted to support with an easier-to-use ecommerce pipeline.

That’s why they hired Windmill Strategy: to help modernize their digital marketing presence and streamline the way users interact with and gain information from their site.

Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Blog/News
  • Filtering/Advanced Search


  • Increased Traffic
  • Improved Sales
  • Improved UI/UX

About Plexus

B2B Training Web Design Case Study Plexus International MobilePlexus International’s multi-decade legacy started with a question for founders Roger Nielsen and Alex Chong. The question, coming from an industry contact, was: are you able to implement an ISO 9000 program to thousands of member companies? They discovered that while they could do this, that there wasn’t a pre-existing system in place to universally deliver the application. Their goal was to create one.

Since then, Plexus international has consistently moved forward, developing and providing their training solutions to an incredibly wide variety of industries worldwide. 


Determining Personas and Meeting Their Needs
Historically, Plexus International hadn’t needed to devote many resources to their marketing efforts due to the mandatory nature of the products and services they provide. With a dynamic and ever-growing digital landscape surrounding them, however, they realized it was time to step up and step out as a business. They wanted to better connect with their B2B customers and prospects by making their website more unified, accessible, useful, and easy to navigate.

The first step toward reaching this goal was by determining who their target audiences were. Windmill Strategy helped Plexus discover this by gathering data from their site and social media, analyzing it, and developing three distinct personas to focus on. These personas were:

  • Practitioner: Experienced process engineer that is struggling to meet new quality requirements, but doesn’t have the sufficient background. Needs help learning for himself with practical exercises and accessible e-learning.
  • Auditor. Automotive industry veteran trying to keep up with standard change. Needs help influencing superiors and convincing them of the importance of training. Independently seeking help.
  • Director: High achiever that has worked both in automotive and aerospace. Upwardly mobile for entire career and not looking to stop anytime soon. Wants custom solutions that can keep up with their needs and a singular point of contact that can answer their complex questions.


After determining their three main target audiences, the question then became what could be done to make sure they were getting what they needed from the Plexus International website. 

Improving Overall Online User Experience
We introduced a number of different changes that improved the user experience for anyone visiting the Plexus website. Some of these include: 

  • Improvements to the sitemap and primary navigation. The primary site navigation was re-organized so that the most helpful pages got the attention they needed. Page organization was by emphasis, left to right, top to bottom, just like the way people are used to reading directions. Case Studies were placed at the top level of navigation to give added weight to Plexus’ role as a provider of solutions. A Resource Library was also added to give tools and other actionable content a distinct and easy to find hub.
  • Updates to product search and e-commerce functionality. Plexus’ existing ecommerce patterns and programs were already proving fruitful for them. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. What we did do, however, is give users better search parameters so that they’d be more able to narrow down what they were looking for with ease.
  • Reorganization of product pages. Plexus product pages were updated to both appear more streamlined and to have a consistent information template. This improved sign-ups because there was less confusion and better access to communication with Plexus International itself.
  • Blog re-organization. All of Plexus’ personas are interested in access to easy-to-find, understandable expert content. New modular components were added to all blog posts, with built-in recommendations for related tools, whitepapers, and courses. This increased traffic toward potential conversions with every post.

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