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Industrial Website Redesign for Hydro and Electro-Mechanical Systems Provider

Hydro and Electro-Mechanical Systems Provider and Department of Defense Contractor, McNally Industries, Redesigns Website to Modernize Business

Hydro and electro-mechanical systems provider and Department of Defense contractor McNally Industries wanted to update their website to provide a state-of-the-art appearance to modernize their business. They wanted to take their basic, outdated website and change it into a point of validation and trust, conveying a message of professionalism to existing and referral clients within the DoD. Windmill Strategy’s website redesign process was to create a top-to-bottom web design strategy that would keep a clean user experience, improve navigation, and offer enhanced visual content.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Client Training


  • WordPress
  • One web framework for two companies
  • Careers listing and application process


  • Clean, modernized design update
  • Improved navigation
  • 59% increase in session duration

About McNally Industries

McNally Industries (“McNally) serves the United States Department of Defense and the world’s largest prime contractors with hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems as well as complex, precision machined components for critical defense and aerospace applications. McNally is a full-service manufacturer providing product design and testing as well as build-to-print manufacturing.

Situation: A Website in Need of a Modern Revamp

McNally Industries is a unique client due to the fact that new lead generation isn’t a high priority for them. They possess mostly exclusive contracts with the Department of Defense and don’t compete directly on their existing products and services.

When they came to us about our services, the focus was singular: update an outdated website design for a new one that is state-of-the-art and modern. While lead generation wasn’t a number one priority, they still wanted their new website to be a place that backed up their existing validation and trust. That was the jumping off point that Windmill used.

Solution: A Modernized Aesthetic, Improved Tech, and Streamlined Navigation

B2B Contractor Web Design Case Study McNally Industries MobileWe had a big task when it came to McNally: completely updating their website aesthetic without losing the traditionally strong presence their business conveys. To make the process as efficient as possible, we went with the WordPress CMS. WordPress gave us the flexibility to create a custom theme for their website that could easily integrate with CRM and Marketing platforms offered by HubSpot. Not only did WordPress’s ease-of-use benefit us, but it also offered McNally an easier admin experience, making future updates or changes on their end far simpler.

Like mentioned above, McNally’s main desire was to improve the look of their website. They wanted it in line with current trends: modern, clean, and easy to navigate. 

We accomplished this goal by developing and rolling out a modular site design strategy. By drafting templates to be used as the building blocks of each new page, we were able to create a sense of cohesion and intention throughout each page on the site. This consistency combined with other updates to make a website that fit the client’s needs. These other updates included the addition of iconography to enhance content, an increased use of high-quality images on the home and high level service pages to add a visual dynamic, and an updated graphic footer that makes it far easier for site-visitors to get in touch if they wanted.

With navigation, we focused on simplification and accessibility. There was a particular spotlight on making sure case studies were related on all site content to best represent a comprehensive view of McNally’s expertise. By improving the amount of cross-links to case studies, we were able to increase the likelihood of visitors landing on those pages and finding desired validation. 

When it came to the content going on their newly designed site, we offered McNally personalized training. This training helped them grasp an updated voice that keeps “fluff” to a minimum and highlights their competence and problem solving abilities. This way McNally will be able to update their site content regularly over time without losing the impact brought to them by the updated website design.

B2B Contractor Web Design Case Study McNally Industries Homepage

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