Intek Plastics Digital Marketing Evolution

Digital Marketing, CRM, Website and Marketing Automation for Custom Plastics Extruder and Fabricator

Intek Plastics has been in business for over 50 years and provides best-in-class linear plastic extrusion and fabrication capabilities. Intek Plastics came to Windmill because they wanted help from a partner with digital marketing, CRM, marketing automation, and website experience in the manufacturing industry. Their goal was to expand their presence in different vertical markets through more effective digital marketing. Windmill helped Intek Plastics dramatically improve their digital experience and gain year-over-year growth in organic traffic.

Services Utilized

  • Marketing Automation, CRM & Sales Enablement
  • Web Development & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding & Visual Design
  • UX Consulting


  • Logo Refresh
  • Industry/Application Pages
  • Case Studies
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot


  • 49% increase in lead quality
  • 55% increase in organic traffic to market-specific landing pages
  • 39% increase in number of these first-time visitors who requested a quote
  • Raised page 1 visibility from 11 target keyword page 1 rankings to 30.

About Intek Plastics

Intek Plastics supplies engineered thermoplastic extrusions, fabricated sub-assemblies, and value-added services to original equipment manufacturers requiring high-performance, custom plastic solutions. Intek Plastics’ commitment to innovation combined with its long tenure allows it to easily adapt to client needs and consistently deliver a superior product.

Building a Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach Future Business Goals

Over the last 50 years, Intek Plastics has established itself as an industry leader. It came to Windmill because leadership wanted a partner who had experience working with manufacturing companies and wanted to expand into different markets through stronger digital marketing efforts. Intek Plastics also wanted to increase targeted lead generation on its website, grow website traffic, and establish a base to measure the future success of their digital efforts.

Building Trust Through Design, Content, and Visibility

Intek Plastics’ typical clients don’t switch partners often which makes it crucial to build trust quickly. Windmill redesigned Intek Plastics’ website to instill trust in website visitors. Its goal was to highlight industry experience, provide a mobile-friendly experience, and align the design with current standards. Windmill also combined industry-specific imagery with updated messaging to better target their ideal client.

Crushing the Organic Traffic Game

Intek originally only ranked on page one of search results for 11 of their target, industry keywords. Through the work Windmill did for Intek Plastics, it was able to raise this to 30 page-one keyword rankings.

Through exhaustive competitor research and close collaboration with the project writer, Windmill was able to identify and integrate the industry keywords used by prospects when searching for parts suppliers. As a result of improved search optimization, Intek‘s market-specific landing pages saw a 55% increase in organic traffic, and the number of these first-time visitors who requested a quote from Intek jumped by 39%.

Windmill was also able to improve Intek‘s overall visibility for broader, plastics-extrusion searches—resulting in a 27% increase in organic home page visits, and a corresponding 49% increase in converting that traffic into leads.

Intek‘s existing pay-per-click campaign had been underperforming due to unwanted clicks from individual consumers. By refining ad copy and keyword selection/match types, Windmill was able to improve the click-through rate, reduce bounce rate, increase time-on-site, lower cost-per-lead for select campaigns.

What Intek Has to Say

“I have enjoyed the level of energy that the Windmill team has put into understanding our business, researching our industry and providing us with a complete digital strategy that will help us elevate our brand. I appreciate their willingness to learn new technologies and apply their knowledge to bring us success.

Working with Windmill has provided us with a new outlook in the digital marketspace and how we can achieve better results. They listened to our marketing plan, understood it and developed a plan that is aligned with our marketing goals and objectives. I would highly recommend that any manufacturing company meet with Windmill to see how they can help you.”

– Scott Binley, Intek

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