Industrial Website Redesign for Contract Manufacturer & Precision Metal Components Machine Shop

A Clearer, More Informational Website Targets Customers More Efficiently

After a management buyout, the new ownership team at Qualitas Industries wanted to tighten its marketing focus to reach specific personas in specific industries, and they Initially came to Windmill for a Digital Marketing Quick Start engagement. Our findings pointed out that any digital marketing activities would be more successful if we first improved the website, to create an online environment that is informational, intuitive, SEO-optimized and engaging to their specific audience.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • SEO
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Case Studies
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Theme


  • A clearer website with defined content strategy
  • Robust SEO
  • Improved page speed and technical performance

About Qualitas Industries

A precision contract manufacturer and machine shop based in Tucson, Arizona, Qualitas Industries specializes in the fabrication and finishing of low- to mid-volume, precision metal components for the aerospace, electronics, medical and optics industries, which require extremely tight tolerances. Capabilities include parts finishing, CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication.

Situation: A New Team Needed to Reach the Right Audience Across a Wider Geography

The new ownership team at Qualitas Industries sought to expand beyond its core Arizona customers to meet ambitious YOY sales growth goals. They wanted to attract new customers efficiently and hoped to reduce or eliminate time-wasting inquiries by prospects interested only in individual parts, which the company does not provide.

Solution: Navigation, Content Strategy and SEO that Focuses on Capabilities, Certifications and Quick Turnaround

Through a Digital Marketing Quick Start analysis, Windmill pinpointed a number of ways to improve Qualitas’s website performance and digital marketing. Based on our recommendations, the client chose to move ahead first with a website redesign. The new website would be clearer and more informational, with a robust SEO presence to help expand beyond the Arizona market.

Qualitas’s primary customers are not engineers, but rather the purchasing/buying persona across all its industry markets. These customers want a machine shop that will manufacture to rigorous specifications, on a virtually in-house basis, at low-to-medium volumes. To appeal to these customers, we recommended that Qualitas be “loud and proud” about their quick turnaround time and list their registrations and certifications, such as ISO 9000:2015, on their homepage. We created navigation that allows visitors to quickly understand the company’s contract manufacturing capabilities and the industries in which it specializes, to attract likely prospects and weed out “junk” inquiries. This content strategy is amplified by a clean, modern design.

For the first phase of the website redesign, we prioritized key pages of content and planned out additional content to add on a regular cadence going forward. Windmill built the site with the Gutenberg block library in WordPress, using common plugins such as Gravity Forms and creating reusable patterns for case studies.

The redesigned website was optimized with on-page SEO. Technical SEO and page speed were also factors in the redesign. To improve upon the original website, which was performing especially poorly on mobile devices, we made sure to eliminate render-blocking resources and reduce unused CSS and JavaScript in the code for the new website.

Windmill Strategy and Qualitas Industries will continue to work together on SEO, content marketing and other digital marketing to help Qualitas meet its ambitious goals.

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