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B2B Specialty Printer Website Design and Digital Marketing

Website design and digital marketing for a specialty printer serving highly regulated industries

Docunet is a specialty printer that serves clients in highly-regulated industries. In recent years, the online competition in Docunet’s industry has increased. Windmill Strategy identified Docunet’s true needs and designed a website with the right strategy, features, and optimizations.

Docunet is on a mission to make printing precise, sustainable, and simple for highly regulated industries, such as medical devices, life sciences, and manufacturing. Over the years, it has differentiated itself through a personable, service-oriented team. But, as a niche company, much of its growth and new business is tied to website generated leads and its ability to provide its service online.

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Services Utilized

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Industry/Application Pages
  • Blog/News
  • HubSpot
  • WordPress


  • 122% increase in inbound traffic for primary local market and national specialty keywords
  • Increased differentiation from competition and greater lead generation

Competition and regulations put on the pressure

The internet has revolutionized the printing industry making it easier for printers to find and serve clients across the country. This means there’s increased competition no matter where your company is located. Additionally, heavy regulations on client industries and the way they version documents can make it a challenge to meet compliance requirements. This meant that creating a modern website design was necessary to outpace the competitors entering Docunet’s niche and maintain its strong position. This step would also improve its search rankings and further differentiate them from the competition.

A right-sized website backed by careful strategy

B2B Web Design Case Study Docunet MobileWindmill Strategy listened closely to Docunet’s needs and learned the marketing challenges specific to their industry. We uncovered the need to modernize Docunet’s website, create a content strategy, and perform specific search engine optimizations. This enabled us to create the right-sized website and strategy for Docunet. We applied a content strategy to make it easier for users to navigate and understand the site’s content.

To make the site easy for Docunet to update, editable text blocks were added throughout the site. This would allow them to make tweaks to their messaging and content.

Finally, special care was given to search engine optimization. Pages across the site were re-optimized for national keywords related to specialty services, such as miniature folding, as well as for frequently searched local terms, such as digital and commercial printing. This allowed Docunet to increase its inbound traffic for its primary local market and for national specialty keywords.

Optimized for success

Docunet’s team recognized that to keep attracting B2B clients from younger generations, having an updated online presence was essential. Its new website design has its online presence a fresh look and feel, which allows it to appeal to a much broader customer base.

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B2B Web Design Case Study Docunet Desktop


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