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Making a Complex Website Clear & Simple for Cirdan

Cirdan Health provides consulting and professional services to managed healthcare organizations. Cirdan had an outdated website that was difficult to navigate and content that didn’t effectively communicate the services they offer. Windmill helped Cirdan update their website design to be clean, easy-to-use, and modern. We also updated their messaging to help them communicate their complex product with ease.

Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding


  • Infographics and Illustration
  • WordPress
  • Blog/News


  • Higher Traffic Rates
  • Better Quality Conversions

About Cirdan Health

Cirdan’s mission is to simplify the complexities of health care and bring down the barriers that prevent local players from entering and growing in the healthcare industry. Cirdan started providing healthcare consulting and professional services to managed healthcare organizations in 2001. After an in-depth study by their founders on “The feasibility of counties forming their own health plans to provide high quality and coordinated managed care services for Medicaid eligible persons,” they realized something had to be done.

Communicating a Complex Solution Clearly and Simply

Cirdan Health provides high-level expertise in financial and actuarial issues for the health insurance industry. The complexity of their product makes it hard to communicate the right benefits to their audience without glossing over important technical details.

In an industry that’s full of websites with legal-sounding copywriting and outdated designs, finding ways to stand out through simplicity is a smart choice. But, Cirdan Health lacked the internal resources to write copy that was effective from a marketing standpoint while maintaining technical and legal accuracy.

Helping Cirdan Improve Website Usability and Readability

Windmill Design decided to tackle the challenge of blending clarity with accuracy through a strong strategy phase. The first step was to improve their website usability, which included reorganizing content, improving navigation, and updating the design.

We then worked with Cirdan Health to find a tone of voice that “sounded like them” using a tool we call a copywriting mood board. Once we had their voice nailed down, we helped them identify the topics that they should really be focusing on. By giving their website a clean, easy-to-use design and simplifying the copy we were able to help them communicate the benefits of their complex but important product with ease.


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