Admin Assistant

About Us:

We’re on a mission to bring the power of modern marketing to B2B technical industries, so they can achieve greater success. For over a decade, we’ve helped B2B marketers in technical, industrial and manufacturing industries accelerate growth through highly effective websites and powerful digital marketing.

About The Opportunity:

This is the role of a nimble, detailed, results-oriented admin assistant who can help support our president and leadership team in making our organization even more successful.

This is a full time remote/WFH position, on a fully virtual team. Contract or alternate hour arrangements will be considered for highly qualified candidates.

About You:

You are smart, strategic, realistic, logical, results- and process-oriented. You live to support the team and keep processes and systems on track, becoming the glue that guides the success of both our clients and Windmill Strategy.

You’re a skilled communicator, excellent with technology, and able to figure things out on the fly, as well as follow a detailed process. You’re a pro at prioritization, are a natural problem solver, and can spot ways to improve existing processes for better efficiency or accountability. A background and/or understanding of professional services for an ad agency, marketing firm or web development company is a bonus.

Most importantly, you want to join a results-oriented team of great people who are passionate about growing our company as a great place to work, and helping our clients succeed.



General Admin: 

  • Perform minor accounting duties, including:
    • Schedule and coordinate monthly billing process, coordinating with our accountant and internal project management staff and leadership for reviews and sign-offs
    • Review and reconcile contractor invoices and with project management 
    • Review and send new project down payment invoices and billing schedules to clients
    • Answer straightforward client invoice questions and escalate to account project management staff and leadership when more detail or discussion is needed
    • Maintain spreadsheets for budgets/staffing as needed
    • Monitor the status of past due invoices, following up directly with clients and escalate to internal account/project management and leadership team as needed
    • Maintain and report on billing metrics
  • Schedule meetings as requested
  • Screen, respond to, and route inquiries that occasionally arrive through our company main phone line and email address
  • Coordinate team software license management and renewals
  • Occasionally coordinate travel, primarily around twice-yearly in-person retreats
  • Occasionally source and reserve meeting and dining venues, and purchase branded apparel, and client & employee gifts
  • Manage virtual mailbox and forward mail bi-monthly
  • Assist the president with other administrative tasks as needed, including occasional email management while out of office 
  • Maintain organization of digital files, updating documents and file structures as needed
  • Support year end initiatives, including updating blackout dates in email campaigns, updating or producing new annual documents and templates, adding events into project management system and calendars.

Sales Admin Support:

  • Screen initial sales inquiries, following up with prospects as needed for additional information
  • For qualified leads, schedule introductory sales calls with the appropriate sales staff
  • Update and maintain CRM data hygiene and sales pipelines
  • Update and maintain library of reusable proposal content in coordination with leadership and sales/account management staff
  • Assist with preparation of sales templates, proposals, and other sales materials based on input from leadership and sales/account staff
  • Assist with new client and project onboarding tasks
  • Assist with client and project offboarding tasks
  • Maintain and report on sales metrics
  • Support annual rate increase functions, including sending notification to clients, and updating our billing systems, project management system, website, sales documents and proposals with new prices

Marketing Admin Support:

  • Update website content and post new content on website, social profiles, and via email newsletter (using WordPress, HubSpot, and sometimes LinkedIn)
  • Assist with updates to the content calendar, adding new content as requested, linking templates and live content upon publication
  • Review website visitors and enroll qualified ICP matches into email campaigns
  • Scheduling and sharing results of yearly client satisfaction surveys
  • Assist with monthly webinars, including webinar scheduling and promotion, event registration, attendance as a panelist, uploading webinar content to our website and YouTube channel, and sending recaps to registrants
  • Post content on our social media channels, monitor accounts for activity and respond as appropriate
  • Occasional research tasks or special projects, i.e. competitor research
  • Maintain and report on marketing metrics
  • Periodically update company directory listings

HR Admin Support: 

  • Manage, post, and publicize job postings on our website, LinkedIn, and via email
  • Perform initial application screening and conduct first round interviews for potential candidates
  • Coordinate the request and receipt of supplemental applicant assessments and disseminate to the hiring team
  • Schedule interviews with hiring teams and leadership
  • Schedule, manage, and execute onboarding and offboarding tasks for employees and contractors
  • Coordinate employee enrollment in medical and dental plans during employee onboarding, offboarding, open enrollment, and other qualifying life events
  • Research potential hires, including social media review and background checks
  • Schedule and share the results of quarterly employee satisfaction surveys with leadership
  • Initiate annual review process in coordination with leadership, setting up 360° review forms for all staff, gathering results, and sharing with leadership

Skills and background:

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or related field.
  • 2+ years admin assistant with sales and/or marketing assistant experience as a plus.
  • Process-driven and efficient, managing big picture goals with highly accurate details.
  • Effective and professional written and verbal communication skills.
  • High level of attention to detail.
  • Excellent organization skills.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and activities.
  • Proactive, highly motivated and flexible.
  • Comfortable jumping right in and handling tasks as needed, asking clarifying questions and learning new skills and processes.
  • Ability to work effectively within a team and independently.
  • Able to work efficiently in a Mac environment and easily navigate web-based applications.
  • Fluency in Slack, Google Workspace applications including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides as a user and perform light administration duties.

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