Webinar: Writing a B2B Website Strategic Plan

Also known as: Writing the brief, Creative Brief, RFP, Sprint Planning

Create a brief that you can send to prospective vendors and/or an internal or freelance team that creates clarity on the need and allows you to drive the strategy toward success.

Many companies contact multiple agencies with more or less a blank slate request of “we want a new website.” They see how the companies each approach the problem and solution, and choose a firm based on which approach they like the best. If you do it this way, you might just choose the firm that was hungriest for the work and willing to do the most solutioning before they get paid; this might not generate the highest quality result for you.

Instead, ideally, you want apples-to-apples quotes, and a true comparison of how well each company can understand you and address your unique needs (vs. fitting you into their vision or proprietary tools). By having a clear picture of what your goals are and how to strategize the project up front, you’re a more informed, empowered buyer.

Key topics in this webinar include how to:

  • Create a plan that allows you to drive a website redesign toward success
  • Prioritize a plan for agile rollout to an existing website
  • Plan how marketing channels interact with your website

Tune in to hear Windmill Strategy’s President & CEO, Kathy Mrozek, guide you through the significance of the decisions you’ll be making as you lay the groundwork for any industrial website update.

Join us live on July 23, 2024 at 9:30 AM (Central). Registered users will be sent a link to the webinar recording.