Webinar: Knowing Your Audience (ICP & Personas)

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, especially not in B2B industrial companies with niche audiences and complex products and services. These offerings are not for anyone and everyone, and if you approach your website and marketing with the idea of casting a wide net, you’ll miss the mark. To be truly effective, each piece of your marketing and content needs to be laser focused on attracting, engaging, and converting the very specific people who will come to represent your best customers.

Truly knowing your audience is one of the key principles of a great industrial website’s design and strategy.

The first step in building a plan for designing or updating a B2B industrial website is to define the specific needs and your highest priority goals. Decisions that you make in this stage will lay the groundwork for a successful project. Join us as we provide tangible guidance in the first of our series of 8 webinars.

Key topics in this webinar include how to:

  • Identify your highest value customer groups and define your ICP
  • Learn the key persona patterns for B2B technical companies
  • Interview customers to get more detail on what they’re looking for
  • Create high level personas

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Knowing Your Audience (ICP & Personas) – Hosted by Kathy Mrozek

If you enjoy what you hear from Kathy during the video, you’ll be psyched to know that Windmill is offering an even deeper dive course on these topics. You can learn more and register for the course by clicking here.