B2B Video Production for Industrial, Technical, Industrial, Life Science and Manufacturing Companies

Video is an increasingly important part of marketing for B2B companies that sell complex products or services. Video helps to convey the complexity of a product or process, the scale and quality of a manufacturer’s facility, and the expertise and competence of the firm.

With more than 70% of users doing their own research prior to engaging with a company, it’s becoming more and more important to keep visitors to your website engaged and informed. Windmill Strategy can help create a wide variety of corporate videos to help elevate your positioning and show off those hard-to-explain projects and processes we see so often in the industrial, technical and manufacturing industries.

Video Production Process

Step 1: Vision and Goals

Before we run off and start creating a video, we want to fully understand your needs and and have a well-articulated vision. We’ll pair that with video techniques and marketing strategies we’ve learned will ensure that you’ll both engage your audience and get the right message across. Starting with a brainstorming session, we’ll guide you through the shots that will help convey your message.

Step 2: Shot Planning and Scheduling

Once we define the vision and goals, we can start planning how we’re going to get the shots we need to make the video come to life. We will determine if we need to incorporate things like employee interviews, voiceovers, writing/messaging and storyboarding for complex video projects. This involves collaboration with you and other members of your team to ensure we’re ready to execute, come filming day.

Step 3: Editing and Revisions

It’s time to take all the footage and audio we’ve gathered and edit your video. By now, we have a good understanding of what the final video should look like and will be able to blend together what we’ve captured to bring it to life. Since this is a collaborative process, we offer revisions and suggestions and welcome them from you, in order to get the video exactly how you want it.

Core Types of B2B Videos and Examples

Corporate Anthem Video Production, also known as Company Overview Videos

Many companies today have a hard time explaining what they do and who they serve within the confines of an About page on their website, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep the attention of visitors on those types of pages.

A company video is a great way to quickly and easily summarize what you’re all about and what people can expect when working with you. A company video is also a great way to show that you’re ahead of the game compared to the rest of the industry since video is becoming more prevalent. Below is an example of how Windmill uses video to explain our positioning and expertise.

Facility Overview / Capabilities Video Production

When companies like yours are in a unique and hard-to-explain industry, a page of text might not adequately convey your services and capabilities. An overview video of your facility is a great way to explain and show what you do. Giving potential leads a look into your facility is a great way to earn trust and provide that insight that so many other companies within your industry aren’t able or willing to do.

Below is an example of a capabilities overview video created for Minnesota Rubber and Plastics. The goal of the video was to show off their process, from raw materials to finished product, and to emphasize their medical capabilities.

Case Study or Portfolio Videos

Clients we work with tend to have a long project timeline with their customers, with very impressive and complex end results. These are worth displaying on the company website as portfolio pieces or case studies. From building construction all the way to automated manufacturing projects, if it’s large or complex, it’s worth documenting and showing off in video.

Aside from an in-person tour or demonstration, a video is the best way to give people a glimpse into your project and what your company is capable of. Below are examples of videos showing off a construction project and a medical automation project.

NOTE: The footage for this video was provided by the client and edited by Windmill.