Professional Copywriting Services

Messaging is a key component of every project. Windmill Strategy can define your message or refine it to connect with your audience.

Writing for digital applications such as websites and landing pages takes skill and experience. If you don’t have in-house copywriters with the right skill sets, Windmill Strategy’s copywriters can save you time and free up your staff to focus on marketing tasks that are core to your business. Our writers have broad industry experience and focus their time interviewing engineers and other technical leaders to tease out the memorable narratives and storylines that separate you from the “pack.” A proven process that includes a brand voice moodboard ensures that the copy that we write sounds authentic and resonates with your audiences.

Once your brand voice and objectives have been set, and the core drafts are completed, they’ll go through our strategy review, SEO review, and design review to ensure they’re a perfect fit for your company.

Content and search engine optimization go hand in hand

As our copywriter creates your new content, they craft the messaging using unique keyword phrases that appear on each page. Keyword research by our search engine optimization (SEO) team helps your content get found by qualified prospects using familiar search terms. The goal is to have your content appear as close to the top of a search engine results page (SERP) as possible for searchers whose queries are closely aligned with what you offer.

Full service, tag team, or DIY

Full-service copywriting services includes the full development of content that stands out, increases engagement, and ranks for the keywords that matter to you while taking as little of your time as possible. It’s ideal for those who already have too much to keep up with and can’t spare valuable time to write content.some clients prefer to write their own content, or team up with our copywriters for a shared approach.

While professionally written content is the fast track to better marketing, some clients prefer to write some or all of the content within their marketing team. A common tag-team approach could include our writers creating content for 6 of your site’s core pages, entrusting key messaging to our team ensures that your site’s most important pages are optimized and effective. Then it’s up to your team to write and optimize the remaining pages. Another option is coming to us with an outline or first draft, or, simply engaging our team for editing and proofing of your content.

Regardless of who does the writing, we’ll provide content mapping and initial strategy services. If at any point you need copywriting or editing support, let us know and our team will be happy to help.

To create a custom approach for you, contact us.