Content Marketing

One of the fastest evolving and most effective techniques for sharing ideas and solutions that address your prospects’ issues is content marketing.

Here, tactics such as email campaigns, blog posts, white papers and e-books are used to nurture audiences. Our copywriters and technical staff help you plan and create content assets that will attract and engage your prospects, and guide you on the best way to get subject matter experts on your team to contribute their knowledge with the least friction. And like good service or manufacturing operations, a good content marketing plan includes a production schedule that clarifies who does what, where and when.

Provide access to valuable content

The world doesn’t need another fluffy blog post, and your target prospects crave useful information when they’re visiting your site. If you’re a B2B OE or OEM manufacturer and your product is being specified by engineers or other technical decision-makers, provide as much detailed technical information as possible online, and resist the temptation to gate data sheets or 3d models. If an engineer wants your 3d model, chances are that they’re pretty far down the path of building them into their product designs and will raise their hands to talk to sales when they’re ready. It’s frustrating, but your products are complex, and they will recognize the need to talk to sales once they’ve done their initial information download.

Transform your website into an additional salesperson

Today’s engineers want access technical information online, love to find their own solutions, and will go to Google first for this. They won’t call or fill out your inquiry form until they’re convinced that the person on the other end is the expert who can solve their problem better than they can (and their bar for this is pretty high). If your website doesn’t have enough detailed information and specifications online for them to be convinced of that, they’ll move on to the next site that does. In order to get more and better RFQs, the first step is content, the second step is targeted digital marketing to reach the right people.

When your products are primarily custom, and specifications take the shape of features, ranges and form factors, this should be supplemented with as many detailed case studies as possible, so that visitors can clearly see that you’ve solved similar problems for similar customers in the past. High level content based around industry or application can also provide trust for purchasing and C-level visitors who make the ultimate purchase. And, you don’t have to forego gated content altogether — look for opportunities for content that clearly helps technical visitors, such as an online calculator or tool that provides information and trust without a gate, then ask for an email to deliver the results or provide more detailed tools.

Engage a technical audience

If you want people to keep coming back to your site, commit to a blog that really serves their interests and needs and earns their subscription, whether that means providing best practices specific to your niche that help them excel at their jobs, or showing off the cool and boundary-pushing work that you’re experimenting with.

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