Messaging, Copywriting & Content Strategy

Content and messaging are key components of every website. Windmill Strategy can define your message or refine it, and build easy-to-read, technically accurate content that connect with your primary audiences.

Great messaging and copywriting transforms your website into a high-performing salesperson

Today’s engineers want access to technical information online, love to find their own solutions, and will go to Google first for this. This means that high quality content that’s engaging to technical audiences, easily consumable by C-suite and non-technical buyers, and optimized for SEO is key to the success of your digital presence, for core website pages, case studies, and ongoing B2B content marketing. 

Writing for digital applications such as websites and landing pages takes skill and experience; understanding and writing about complex products and services takes even more. Our industry-focused writers are skilled at interviewing engineers and other technical subject matter experts to tease out the memorable narratives and storylines that separate you from competitors. Paired with your technical specifications and product information, you’ll attract the attention of search engines and your core audience. We’ll work together to create an aligned content strategy that resonates with your best prospects and magnifies the language used by your sales team. A singular voice and messaging strategy will permeate throughout on-site website content and ongoing content marketing activities such as resource articles, case studies, whitepapers, guides, and webinars, as well as literature and sales enablement materials.

A proven process for content, messaging, and search engine optimization

Our proven process covers content strategy, SEO, subject matter expert interviews, background research, and attention to voice, technical accuracy and style. Keyword research and SEO optimization is integrated throughout the process, in addition to information about your ideal customer profile, key offerings, and other key positioning and messaging considerations. Brand voice alignment tools ensure that the copy that we write sounds authentic to your company, and resonates with your audiences.

Full service, tag team, or DIY

Full-service copywriting services include the full process for development of content that stands out, increases engagement, and ranks for the keywords that matter to you while taking as little of your time as possible. It’s ideal for those who already have too much to keep up with and can’t spare valuable time to write content, or don’t have a skilled copywriter in-house.

While professionally written content is the fast track to better marketing, some clients prefer to write some or all of the content within their marketing team. A common tag-team approach could include our writers creating content for 6 of your site’s core pages. Entrusting key messaging to our team ensures that your site’s most important pages are optimized and effective. Then, you’ll have these pages as a guide to write and optimize the rest of the site. Some marketers generate outlines or first drafts and engage our team for editing and proofing of your content.

Regardless of who does the writing for a given project, we’ll provide content mapping and initial content strategy services. If at any point you need copywriting or editing support, let us know and our team will be happy to help.

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