The Best Industrial and Manufacturing Website Design Examples of 2020: Industrial Website Designs That Hit The Mark

Written by Jackson Kelly
The Best Industrial and Manufacturing Website Design Examples of 2020

Businesses in the industrial and manufacturing industries have very distinct needs when it comes to their website design and user experience alike.

Just like their products and services are complex, so are the digital marketing efforts needed to help them find success. Businesses in this space require their online presence be able to communicate value, maintain clarity, support sales, and promote visibility. 

Research has found that nearly three fourths (70%) of a buyer’s journey happens before they initially reach out to sales. That means they’re going online, reading reviews, and seeking out additional educational material to help their decision making. All before they make a single call.

Industrial website designs that have proper flow, organization, and wording can earn the sort of increased lead quality and quantity all companies are hoping for. We’ve gathered a few of our current and all-time favorite industrial website design examples below.

Primary Flow Signal

Primary Flow Signal (PFS) is a leader in the flow meter industry, having provided their one-of-a-kind products and custom manufacturing for over thirty years.

Primary Flow Signal Industrial Website Homepage

We chose their site for this list because it delivers exactly what potential buyers are looking for. Well-organized and interlinked product and services pages, strong calls-to-action on all strategically relevant portions of the site, and a mobile-friendly display. 

Eyecon Visual Precision Counter

Eyecon is a company that designs and manufactures innovative countertop automation systems for pill counting and prescription validation for retail pharmacies. Long story short: they have a complex B2B product offering that needs an intuitive website design that simplifies the buying process. Luckily for them, that’s exactly what they have.

The reason Eyecon made it on this list is because their website makes expert use of value-added features.

A ROI calculator and demonstration video work together to both compel and drive prospects to act on their website. Engagement warms leads up, which leads to increased sales. Everybody wins!

Aspect Automation

Aspect Automation is a company that designs and builds equipment to help manufacturers optimize performance, product quality, and system uptime. Reputation and trust are integral to their business, and they have a website designed to exemplify those values. That’s why they made it on this list.

Their website is bold and intuitive, sticking to providing information instead of distracting visitors with too many unnecessary features.

Aspect Automation Homepage Video Example

A video background on the homepage gives a direct look at the effectiveness of their automation, and industry and technology pages provide clear information for engineers and purchasing. They give you exactly what you want: clear information with a compelling presentation.

Plexus International

Plexus International is a global leader in offering comprehensive software application and development services to meet the unique needs of global manufacturing supply chain orgs. The services they offer are both complex and customizable. Because of this, they need a website design that is informative and simple to understand. They don’t want anyone getting lost in the complexity. Instead, their website guides visitors toward understanding, and, in turn, sales.

Plexus International Homepage

Plexus International made it on this list because they go out of their way to use their website to connect with customers and prospects alike. They offer advanced ecommerce logic to promote direct sales, live and virtual training events, single sign-on via connected systems, and more. 


Upsher-Smith Laboratories is a well-known and trusted 100-year-old U.S. pharmaceutical company. Their main drive is to offer access to high-quality products, promote sustainable growth, and consistently improve the health and lives of their patients. Their website delivers that by being responsive and content-rich. If someone is coming to their site for answers about pharmaceuticals or other offerings, they’ll find what they need – with ease. That’s what’s earned them their spot on our list of the best manufacturing website designs.

Upsher Smith Homepage

In Conclusion

There’s a lot we can learn from the success of these manufacturing websites. The most apparent needs are a site that is well-written and visually memorable. However, there are a few additional things we saw repeated and want you to remember:

  • Leading with a positioning statement on banner images clearly tells your site visitors who you are and what you do
  • An optimized blog that’s regularly updated with industry-specific news and other content helps you stand out as a thought leader
  • Go beyond your products and catalogs to demonstrate your added value and by highlighting the extent of your extended services

Seeing examples of so many cool manufacturing websites is inspiring, isn’t it? You might be finding yourself wondering how your business can have a site like that as soon as possible. We’ve got a surprise for you: all these sites were developed and designed by the team at Windmill Strategy. If you want to start things out with a free consultation, get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you.