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Industrial businesses are unique and they require a finesse when approaching industrial web development & industrial digital marketing to further their business.

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Marketing for Industrial Businesses is Different:

Industrial businesses cover a wide range of industries, and no single message works across the board. To reach your specific audience you need to speak and understand their language, clearly convey how you can help them, and demonstrate what makes you the very best fit for their goals. Conveying these messages succinctly through your website can make all the difference in whether or not you ever get the chance to speak with them directly.

Finding an industrial web development partner with the experience to bring all of this together is imperative. You can’t afford to simply tell what you do. You need to show how what you do is different and better, and provide the specifications, case studies, and technical resources that allow engineers and technical audiences to understand how you can solve their problem. We have mastered this process and look forward to the chance to share our vision with you.

Whether you work in manufacturing, fabrication, industrial automation,, machining, production, logistics, or custom fulfillment, your business was started from a unique position with differentiating values to offer. Our specialty is capturing those qualities and conveying them to the precise people you want to work with using the right information, user experience, and messaging.

How Windmill Helps Industrial Businesses:

When your core audience is made up of technical people and engineers in industrial businesses, you have a complex challenge of answering questions before they are asked and positioning yourself as the best solution provider before anyone has even reached out to your sales team. You must speak to your target audience in such a way that they feel compelled to reach out and engage with your company as a trusted provider. The right industrial web development strategy will allow you to be in front of this challenge so you are prepared to succeed.

As industrial digital marketing experts, Windmill Strategy understands the importance of crafting the right message and delivering the best user experience when your potential clients are looking for a solution. We have successfully improved countless websites in such a way that their online presence increases, their messaging more clearly speaks to their audience from the outset, and they see steady growth in quality leads and marketing ROI.

We’ve been helping industrial businesses for over a decade, so we understand the intricacies of crafting the right industrial digital marketing strategy and delivering that messaging through an effective industrial web development experience. Your audience is driven by end results, and we understand that you are as well. We start with this in mind as we help you create a powerful industrial web design plan and user experience. We then carry that strategy through to ongoing industrial digital marketing that helps you reach and engage more of the right audience so that you’re top of mind when they have a need.

Examples of Industrial Web Development Successes:

Industrial digital marketing begins with website design as the hub of your marketing system, and continues through to ongoing efforts such as lead generation, content marketing, and marketing automation. There are countless examples of this success story playing out, but perhaps none more effective than the work done for a client who needed two distinct websites to reach their two distinctly different audiences.

Turbines, Inc. and their sister company, Primary Flow Signal, providers of custom and off-the-shelf differential pressure flow elements, required strategically designed websites to help them separate their audience and deliver compelling messaging that converts. The results, two beautiful, user-friendly and information-rich new websites that have led to an increase in overall leads, better lead quality, and higher conversion rates.

In another example, we simplified an existing and outdated website for GlobalTranz, a freight and logistics provider, with an updated, professional look that has proven to be a better user experience and deliver much higher conversions than previously.

In both cases, we built upon the existing branding to maintain the client’s brand recognition, while helping them modernize the user experience.

Professional industrial website development can make a powerful difference in your overall business goals. When coupled with strategic industrial digital marketing, you can significantly progress your business forward.

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They’re very realistic about what level of investment we should be putting into our website based on the size of our business. Their suggestions were aligned with what we were looking for. Overall, they were great communicators, good listeners, and fantastic collaborators. That made the project run pretty smoothly because we could have honest conversations about what we wanted to do, and they were able to steer us in a direction that made sense.
Riley HarlanPresident and CEO at Symtec

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