Hurdle Tracking

Written by Kathy Kassera Mrozek

From the development grotto — here’s one of the many tools that we implement to help our operations run more smoothly. Happy team = happy clients.

At Windmill Design, we are constantly seeking out ways to implement processes that offer our clients continuous improvement not only to our clients’ websites, but with our own internal operations. One of the processes that we have implemented for each of our clients helps capture unexpected events—from short delay times to larger workflow impacts—during the course of a project for internal review, which can also uncover reoccurring events that can be prevented in future projects.

We collect information from each project we work on through a private form that all the Windmill team members can easily access and leave notes on the particular hurdle that was found and captured. Team members can also rate how much of an impact a particular hurdle will have on our task as a quick way to communicate with the rest of the team.


The form automatically collects the team member information and timestamps the submission. This data is then put into a shared spreadsheet to be used during an end-of-project review that involves the entire Windmill team—not just the specific project team.


This ongoing process not only helps us offer our clients continuous improvement through our processes, but with processes like these in place we are able to offer our clients a better experience and better end product. In addition, our documented and repeated process allows us take easily our learning’s from a current project to prevent recurring problems in future projects. Our goal at Windmill is to make our client’s experience with us as easy and seamless as possible and one important way we do that is through our behind-the-scene processes. This is just one of the many tools and processes that we implement that helps us to create work that we’re proud of that serves our clients well for many years to come.

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