How Illustrations Strengthen Communication

Written by Kathy Kassera Mrozek

Illustrations are a great way to effectively communicate what can often be a complex process or idea. They also serve as a memorable way to break up content-heavy sections on a website or print piece to keep readers engaged.

Illustrations Enhance Content Consumption and Retention

People learn in many different ways, but most of us have shorter attention spans and tend to scan materials instead of actually reading text. Using illustrations to support content “covers your bases” to make sure every type of audience can gravitate towards their preferred method of learning. In addition, adding visuals to text often creates a longer-lasting impression than text by itself.

Illustrations are Compelling and Attractive

The longer a user stays on your website looking at interesting information, the better you’ll rank in search engines, leading to more traffic and potentially more conversions.

Custom Illustrations for LocaLoop, Inc.

With rural communications providers as their target market, LocaLoop required a website focused on the benefits of cloud-driven 4G in a box. We created an engaging, interactive homepage animation to help illustrate the business model while enhancing homepage interest.



Custom Illustrations for InboxDollars Corporate

When InboxDollars decided to redesign their corporate website, having custom illustrations were important in communicating they’re a complex business model. We created a custom animation for their homepage that in a matter of seconds explains what their core brand does—connecting targeted members to brands.

Homepage Animated Illustration: Connecting Targeted Members to Brands


Homepage Illustrations: Key Benefits



Custom Illustrations for Tech Guru

Our client, Tech Guru IT, was in the process of a brand refresh when they asked for our help creating custom illustrations to communicate their process and services in a simple way for potential clients to understand. We worked closely with them to understand what needed to be communicated and made recommendations on how to simplify those messages. The overall look-and-feel direction for the illustrations is a hand-drawn effect—reflecting the company’s personable approach to IT.






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