Q: What’s the benefit of updating my website?

Why should you update your website? Well, simply put your website is the first thing most leads, prospects, job seekers, and investors see when researching your company. It not only acts as the bridge to contact you but it also conveys your professionalism and legitimacy within the industry. This only becomes more important as more people spend their time researching vendors and companies online.

Additional benefits of updating your website:

Reflect the current state of your business and industry trends
Aside from the growing importance of having a fast and secure website, your website should also reflect what’s going on within your industry, and position you as a leader. Terms, applications, and best practices are ever-changing and if your website is saying the wrong things and showing the wrong things that could easily cause a site visitor to leave and look for a better resource.

Increased sales opportunities
It’s no secret that the majority of the world uses Google in order to start their searches online. Having relevant and engaging SEO driven content that attracts the right people is the best way to be seen first by the type of people you want buying from you. A difference of a few ranking positions could mean missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue. Strategizing your website so that it generates leads adds to your sales team’s capacity and reach.

Adopt new technology and tools
An updated website can improve load times, user experience, and make your website more editable as your company evolves into the future. It may be more difficult to integrate new CRMs, marketing automation systems, ERPs, GDPR compliance tools, e-commerce capabilities, or language/translation features into an existing, aging website, but they can be planned for easily in a new build, even if they’re a future addition.

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