Q: How much does a website design or redesign cost?

These projects will range considerably based on scale and complexity, but they typically range from into six figures on the high end with an extremely feature-rich or large-scale site to as low as $15,000 for a more foundational, smaller content-driven website. There’s a wide range in the middle of these extremes, and that’s where most projects fit. Expect a website redesign project to last from two months to a year on the extremes, 3-6 months being most common.

We believe in smart solutions, and not trying to oversell anyone a service that they don’t need. By uncovering your needs first, we’ll use our expertise to diagnose your unique situation, and create a custom scope of work with you that guides the extent and depth of our work together in an initial project and future phases.

To learn more about pricing, and what factors can drive a website project investment higher or lower, visit our digital marketing and web design pricing page.

With there being so many different factors that can affect the cost of a website design or redesign we’d be happy to talk through the features you’re looking for in a website and get you a more precise estimate.

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