St. Paul Port Authority Logo Refresh and Web Design and Development

A website redesign to communicate with industry, the public, and government

The St. Paul Port Authority (SPPA) needed a new website that felt current and modern to the site visitors—anyone from city residents to government officials—while also helping raise visibility of the valuable work they do in the city of St. Paul. To accomplish this goal, Windmill Strategy created a fresh, easy-to-navigate website that would showcase the powerful work of the innovative, community-focused organization.

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The updated website was built on a platform we’ve developed as a launchpad for creating a simple but impactful site that is customizable and flexible as the organization’s needs grow, powered by a WordPress content management system. Windmill designed SPPA’s website to be mobile-friendly and user friendly, as one of the main purposes was to serve as an information hub for visitors to learn about the Port Authorities offerings through press releases and meeting notes. A rotating header banner features case studies and information on some of the most recent SPPA projects and a color-coded navigation menu with iconography was placed below the header space as a visual way to showcase SPPA’s areas of expertise. Bright, bold colors and modern typography were used throughout the site to ensure the new website looked current and up-to-date. Overall, Windmill created a mobile-friendly website with a current look-and-feel that easily communicates SPPA’s work across many different activities.



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