Fireside Hearth & Home Web Design and UX

B2C + B2B website redesign shortens the buying cycle for a complex purchase

We collaborated with Fireside Hearth & Home’s marketing team to update their website with a sophisticated redesign that reinforces Fireside’s unique offerings and value, as well as bringing to life the intangible warmth and ambiance of a fireplace or stove. The purchase of a fireplace is complex, and dependent on a number of conditions (remodel, new construction, retrofit, etc.). One of the major goals of the website redesign was to better inform potential customers on the options and considerations before coming to the showroom, so that once they were there, they would be ready to make a purchase.

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The flow of information through the site is project oriented, directing consumers to pertinent information about their specific project type, such as adding a new fireplace or modifying an existing one, so that they can get the most out of their visit to a retail store. Lead generation is another focus of the site, with multiple unobtrusive opportunities for viewers to make contact. Strategic wayfinding and information architecture helps homeowners and professionals quickly and easily find a wealth of inspiration, product specifications, installation details, a location finder and more. A separate “for pros” section of the website addresses the needs of homebuilders, architects, and designers.


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