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Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District Web Design & Development

Watershed Website Redesign for Engagement with Multiple Audiences

Ramsey-Washington provides assistance for water quality monitoring, permitting, and natural resource conservation. Its audience includes multiple groups, such as developers, educators, students, and residents, which makes communicating effectively with each group a priority. Windmill Strategy was able to effectively target these audiences through persona research and UX testing. The result was an award-winning website that was both engaging and easy to use for Ramsey-Washington’s audience.

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About Ramsey-Washington

Ramsey-Washington is a government organization that provides planning, regulatory, and taxing authority to coordinate watershed management efforts. It provides assistance for water quality monitoring, permitting, natural resource conservation and more. Established in 1975, Ramsey-Washington manages 65 square miles that eventually drain into the Mississippi River, including 20 lakes, five streams, and over 1,000 wetlands.

Redesigning a Government Website to Better Serve Its Users

Ramsey-Washington wanted to design their website in a way that would better serve residents, businesses, churches, and the government organizations they work with. Ramsey-Washington’s user base also consists of developers, educators, students, and residents. The diversity of their user base meant that Windmill Strategy needed to consider a wider range of needs during the redesign.

Leveraging Persona Research and UX Testing to Design a Website for All of Ramsey-Washington’s Visitors

Windmill Strategy started by learning about Ramsey-Washington’s audience. This helped it make smart choices regarding site architecture like using a dual presentation method to appeal to different personas. In addition, Windmill Strategy performed UX testing to nail down user expectations. This created a website that combined clean design and concise language with the right functionality.

An Award-winning Website Is Born

Ramsey-Washington’s design was a success with their audience. Users enjoy the new website design finding it easy to navigate and rewarding to use, including the custom “are you in a watershed” map-based search that leverages the Google Maps API. The website even received an accolade from the Minnesota Association of Government Communicators (MAGC) receiving the Bronze Award for “Website Design or Redesign.” The MAGC is an organization dedicated to improving communication in the government sector and this award is given to organizations meeting that high criterion.





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