Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Web Design & Development

Watershed government website redesign with custom Google Maps integration

Windmill Strategy worked with Nine Mile Creek’s local Watershed District to present the new identity of NMCWD in an easily navigable, mobile-friendly redesigned website that speaks to multiple target audiences — including developers looking for permits/forms as well as citizens, volunteers or civic staff looking for resources and events.

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Windmill Strategy created a highly visual site for NMCWD, showcasing the local beauty of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, while enticing the user to learn more about how they can help the Watershed. One of the most important and robust features of the site is the “Are you a Watershed?” section — an interactive map-based tool that uses the Google Maps API and geo-coordinates for the watershed boundaries. Users can find out if their residence is within the Nine Mile Creek watershed; Nine Mile Creek also maintains boundary information for neighboring watersheds so that neighbors can find their own watershed and learn more offsite. The site also features a dynamic Instagram feed that not only shows off and gains followers for their Instagram account, but also allows the Nine Mile staff to seasonally feature their “Photo Calendar Contest” that they conduct annually. The visual design of the website creates a cohesive look-and-feel with the NMCWD office’s educational signage, strengthening the watershed’s overall brand identity. Our custom, mobile-friendly website design for this local Minnesota Twin Cites Metro nonprofit showcases the beauty of the watershed, and provides important information for multiple audiences.

Nine Mile Mobile Devices

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