Lions Gift of Sight Web Design & Development

Medical Nonprofit Website Redesign for Multiple Personas

Lions Gift of Sight (Formerly Minnesota Lions Eye Bank) is an organization committed to restoring the lives of their patients by helping them regain not only their vision, but also their lives.

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With this goal in mind, the website redesign posed a very unique challenge — designing a website with special consideration for the visually impaired, who, in addition to potential donors of both financial gifts and tissue, are a major audience for the website. Major areas of focus during the design phase included enhanced readability, ease of navigation and promoting eye donation through prominent calls-to-action. The redesign also included A/B testing — two different design versions for the same website were created and then analyzed to show the effectiveness of select design elements. The A/B testing targeted specific areas of the site to evaluate the conversion rate, bounce rate, call-to-action placement and more. By analyzing the effectiveness of the site design based on the collected information, the A/B testing was able to provide valuable information — and ultimately an increase in eye donations.


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