Strong In Six Logo and Web Design and Development

A modern brand and website that differentiates in a crowded B2B consulting space

Strong in Six helps companies implement the EOS® framework to help them take control of their businesses and their lives. But, becoming an EOS® implementer in a saturated market makes it hard to get noticed and differentiate yourself. Windmill Strategy helped Strong in Six create a modern website that showcases their unique implementation style and expertise. They are now confident in the positive digital impression their website leaves with prospects.

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About Strong in Six

Strong In Six helps companies implement EOS® to streamline their business processes. Dan, the owner, fell in love with EOS® after it helped him regain control over his business and his life. Strong in Six was born out of his experience using EOS® to transform himself and his company Tech Guru.

Getting Noticed in a Crowded Marketplace

There’s a sea of EOS® implementers, and the Twin Cities area has one of the highest concentrations. Dan needed a website design that was simple and clean to get his message across quickly. This was important since he was speaking to busy, likely overwhelmed entrepreneurs, and needed to stand out as a different option.

Like many consulting firms and professional service websites, it’s critical that the site reflects the personality of its owner. Dan’s website also needed to showcase his story and why he’s passionate about EOS®. This messaging would help appeal to the people who are a natural fit for his approach to EOS® implementation while communicating the standard EOS® process.

A Modern Website That Tells Dan’s Story

Windmill created a website that helped visitors get to know Dan and how he can help them implement EOS®. The design is clean and inviting to reflect Dan’s personality. Dan is also extremely tech-savvy, and that comes across in the clean, user-focused web design.

Windmill’s copywriters crafted content that speaks directly to visitors’ pain points and showcases Dan’s passion for EOS®. For example, the main messaging targets business owners who don’t feel in control of their business and future. The design, messaging, and easy-going CTAs were all created to work in unison helping Dan gather leads and schedule consultations.

What Dan Thinks

“I feel confident that when people check out my website, it will have a positive effect and help me build credibility.”

Dan’s new site builds credibility before he ever talks to a client. It sets him apart from the competition since it represents Dan’s high level of professionalism while still portraying his down-to-earth personality. With a modern website that stands out in a crowded market, Dan’s consulting business has taken off.


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