Smarte Carte Web Design and Marketing Materials

A unified brand and marketing materials for a global B2B product manufacturer

With offices in St. Paul and Australia, Smarte Carte is a leading worldwide provider of self-serve luggage carts, electronic lockers, strollers and massage chairs at airports, transportation hubs, entertainment venues and other property owners. The sales and marketing team needed to elevate and expand their marketing efforts to connect better with B2B customers in the U.S. and Asia Pacific markets. The completely redesigned printed marketing materials and website work together to present a cohesive brand, to highlight new products and reinforce the company as a top industry player, while also automating several back-office functions.

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Services Utilized

  • Branding & Visual Design
  • Web Development and Design


  • APIs and integrations
  • Custom Web Application
  • Global Audience/Localization and Translation
  • WordPress


  • Automation that resulted in significant personnel cost reductions and reduced errors
  • Improved sales collateral and increased confidence and trust in the sales process
  • Increased online visibility

The redesigned website provides high-level, detailed information on product lines, with a focus on lead generation, while also automating office procedures through an online parts store and refund request system, including integrating with internal business functions and software. The site also includes an Asia Pacific mirror site, with the option for staff to designate separate product lines and languages specifically for the Asian Pacific market.

The combination of original photography of Smarte Carte’s products, lifestyle imagery and custom illustrations work seamlessly together in a flexible brochure system.


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