B2B Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Same Day Flash Feature

Same Day Flash eCommerce Website Design

Customized eCommerce and product visualization for a specialty wholesale provider

A modern and mobile-friendly e-commerce website allows customers and distributors to shop, customize and purchase products online. This is a fully customized e-commerce website for Same Day Flash, a Twin Cities provider of highly customized flash drives for niche markets. The site is built on the Magento platform with customizations to accommodate the company’s distinct product lines, including a highly customized product visualizer and quote generator.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Development and Design
  • Branding & Visual Design


  • E-Commerce
  • Magento
  • E-Commerce Customizations and Custom Coding


  • Increased online engagement and sales with fewer calls to customer service

B2B Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Same Day Flash MobileWhere previously a phone call to customer service was required for customization, the new site integrates an interactive tool that allows customers to easily select the their product, upload printable artwork, see a preview, and buy online. Windmill Strategy integrated the Magento e-commerce platform with the Design ‘n’ Buy design tool to allow for easy-to use, robust product customization/personalization. We refreshed the logo in tandem with the website redesign, for a more current and technology-first look, and consulted with the client on styling for lifestyle product images.



B2B Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Same Day Flash Homepage


B2B Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Same Day Flash Interior


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