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Positioning & Messaging for Sophisticated Atmospheric Sensing Equipment & Software Solutions

Ambitions For Growth Required A Fresh Perspective

Advanced Radar Company (ARC) provides radar solutions primarily to government agencies in the areas of defense, aviation and space, while Radiometrics solutions provide real-time boundary layer data for weather and non-weather applications, from local “nowcasting” for airports to chemical plume tracking for emergency response services. Both companies also work extensively with customers in science and academia, and both hope to expand into a wider range of industries and to attract customers primarily interested in subscribing to data solutions, rather than owning equipment.

The ARC and Radiometrics team came to Windmill Strategy to develop branding, positioning and messaging based on the voice of the customer, after becoming familiar with our past work, as well as our webinars and other content.

Services Utilized

  • Copywriting
  • Messaging & Positioning


  • Successful presentation to leadership group
  • Third-party POV brought fresh perspective

About ARC & Radiometrics

Advanced Radar Group (ARC) and Radiometrics both provide state-of-the-art atmospheric remote sensing systems for operational and scientific applications. ARC, which acquired Radiometrics in 2021, specializes in radar equipment, maintenance and data solutions worldwide, while Radiometrics specializes in wind and thermodynamic profilers and related system solutions.

Situation: Acquisition Provided An Opening for Positioning and Messaging to Update Website and Other Marketing Materials

ARC and Radiometrics needed to do a better job of communicating who they are, what they do and how they gather more accurate weather data. They knew what they could offer and what their ambitions for growth entailed, but they needed a clearer understanding of what their customers were looking for and a messaging framework to support marketing going forward. The two companies were not seeking a website development partner. They came to Windmill for branding, positioning and copywriting that could be applied to their websites, as well as to other communications, such as brochures. Their goal is to generate leads from their websites to supplement business built via word of mouth and existing relationships.

Solution: The Voice of the Customer Provided the Basis for Clearer Messaging and Connection Across Platforms

To build a positioning and messaging framework, we recommended bringing in the voice of the customer directly, as well as talking to ARC and Radiometrics staff. We conducted customer interviews that were recorded so that we could listen to them again for deeper understanding and so that the client had them for future reference. ARC has radar installations all over the world, and we interviewed customers in Greece and Indonesia.

In order to develop complementary but distinct messaging frameworks for each brand, we started with ARC first. Then, when the messaging was established for ARC and key content writing was underway—we turned our focus to Radiometrics. Here, Windmill was able to successfully address the challenge of moving beyond the scientific history of the sensing equipment itself to highlight the commercial applications of the data the equipment produces.

For both brands, we delivered a document consisting of a brand promise, brand position, brand attributes—with supporting bullet points and keywords to use in communication—a brand value proposition and a core brand statement. In addition to developing a messaging framework, our team delivered final key content to be used on primary website pages and other materials. This content provides an example to the ARC and Radiometrics team for how they can utilize the branding and messaging framework when creating their own content in the future.

ARC and Radiometrics both walked away with a brand position and messaging that they are happy with, and that will help them meet their company goals Going through the exercise helped them see their core strengths as a company from internal, external and industry perspectives. It gave them “a better view and different point of view,” according to one member of the client team.

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