National Association of Epilepsy Centers Website and Web App Redesign

A public-facing website and backend registration web application for a national medical organization

The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) was in need of a fresh, mobile-friendly website that served their membership first, while also creating awareness among epilepsy patients and the general public.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Development & Design


  • Custom Web Application
  • Map-based location search
  • Blog/News
  • Persona-based navigation
  • WordPress


  • Improved annual registration processes
  • Better distribution of information for members
  • Increased visibility for member centers

To serve both audiences seamlessly, the most prominent homepage information is aimed at the general public, educating them on what an epilepsy center is, and the services that it provides, and helping them find a member center. A map locator allows users to find an epilepsy center near them via zip code lookup, including directions to the facility and the names of key doctors. The new website replaces an AMS system and separate mapping tool that was used by NAEC previously, creating a custom back-end that is uniquely suited to NAEC’s needs. Members of NAEC have access to a single sign-on portion of the site that gives them special access to member information, as well as tools required to maintain their accreditation status. For NAEC administrators, one central location for member data—integrated within WordPress—powers the locator map and pre-populates members’ annual accreditation form with center information, eliminating the need for members to re-key information. A resource section keeps members and the public informed with topics such as policy changes, news, resources and upcoming events.

"We worked with Windmill to redesign the website for the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. They met the many challenges of our project, and we launched earlier than anticipated. The team was creative, attentive to detail, and very responsive to our needs throughout the development process, after we went live, and for ongoing needs. It was a pleasure to work with Windmill and we highly recommend them."
Ellen RikerSenior Vice President, CRD Associates